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They All Trust Me

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I fucked Thomas.
Then I fucked his stepdad.
Now…I’m going to have them together.

They kiss my neck as they cup my breasts.
They bite my ears as they grab my ass.

Two strong men.
Both taking me to paradise.

Each man on his own gets me wet.
But the two of them together?
I’m a dripping puddle of lust.

They’ll take turns.
They’ll fuck me hard.
Like a rag doll.
I won’t even know what’s happening.
I love them both.
This night is my chance to show how much.

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2 reviews for They All Trust Me

  1. lisanne808

    A fun, naughty read.

  2. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Will Eva’s plan end up destroying everything? What will Jason reveal about the turmoil within his family? Have to keep reading.

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