The Other Brother

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I’m going to give her the biggest care package to feast on.

Time for her to leave that fucker who broke her heart.

And come with…the other brother.


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Getting lucky in Vegas has never been harder…
To remember.

Becky Brooks. Reformed party girl.
Every man’s fantasy come true.
She walks by and makes every guy adjust their pants.

Even me. And I thought I’d seen it all.
Billionaire playboy with the body of a god.
But even I see her hips sway as she walks by and get hard.
I want to grab her and throw her against the wall.
Make her moan my name over and over again.

Oh, did I mention?
She’s also my brother’s fiance.

But that asshole doesn’t deserve this perfect angel.
He’s a slimy, lying, cheater.
And guess what?
He proves it the first night of her wedding trip to Vegas.

Now she’s heartbroken in Sin City.
But I have a plan to cure her broken heart.
I’m going to give her the biggest care package to feast on.

Time for her to leave that fuckerr who broke her heart.

And come with…the other brother.

2 reviews for The Other Brother

  1. Heather Vandine

    This is a great book. When Becky goes to Vegas with her 3 best friends for her bachlorett party and wedding, everything that could go wrong did. The only thing is she doesn’t remember any of it the next morning. They spend their day back tracking to find out what happened. This is a hilarious and hot book. This is one I would read again.

  2. Raecharmed

    *Some Spoilers*

    Becky was getting married in Vegas everything was planned and ready. Her and her girls were going early to party some before the big day. Becky’s fiancé Danny and his crew was supposed to go the same time but a work things came up. He gave his step brother Liam’s business card so if they got into any trouble to call him for help. Becky tries to keep the partying down but nothing could prepare her for what she would see when they got back to their room. Walking into see her fiancé cheating on her wasn’t what she expected but instead of attacking him like he deserved she called his step brother Liam. Liam got the girls out of there and they went to continue partying. Liam wanted Becky the moment he saw her but never thought he would ever have the chance so when his step brother loses Becky Liam steps in to claim his woman. After a seriously wild night of partying Becky wakes up not remembering what happened the night before. The girls slowly try to piece their memories together to see where they’ve been and what they’ve done throughout that night. What they find shocks even themselves but nothing as shocking as what Becky discovers what she did.

    This was an awesome story I couldn’t put it down once I started it. This book kind of reminded me of the antics the men in The Bachelor Party got up to. I couldn’t stop laughing at parts of this story and didn’t want the wild ride to be over when I got to the end. Liam is a strong alpha male that any woman would want. The chemistry between Becky and Liam is electrifying hot. If you aren’t fans of these two authors before you read this book I guarantee you will be by the end. I can’t wait to read what they write next. If there were more stars than a five star rating I’d give this a ten.

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