Summer Secrets Episode 1 (Summer Lovin’ Season 5)

Check out these 2 horny idiots.
Sexy angel + alpha hitman.
At the wedding from hell.
On the run…have some summer fun 😉


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Beautiful blonde angel like that?
I’d expect her to shed a tear before I killed her.

Something’s off on this bounty.
I’ve got 5 fat checks to cash from crime bosses.
But fuck that.
Something’s off.

I can’t kill her.

And then she tells me…she’s not even the person I’m after.
This isn’t just a case of mistaken identity.

This is a case of protecting what’s mine.

Because something about this angel grabbed me.
I’m not the worst thing after her.

Can we survive this hell?
Will I find heaven in her?

Or are we stupid horny idiots about to die?

See what happens next in Episode 1 of Summer Secrets, the first episode of the fifth season of Summer Lovin’. It does end in a cliffhanger.


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