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They told me to choose.

I said no.

Instead I wanted both.


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They told me to choose. 
I said no. 
Instead I wanted both.

I’ve had each of them separately.
But finally, they both take me at once.
It’s like nothing I’ve ever imagined before.

The passion is intense.
I forget even my name.
Raw animal instinct takes us over.
All we want is pleasure.
All we do is please.

Time loses all meaning.
Words become noises.
Thoughts become dreams.
And I enter a world of depraved delights.

It’s official.
A new world awaits us.
If we’re able to step through.

But old enemies remain.
And just when I think I can be happy, they surface.

Will I hold fast with my titans?
Or will the sins of my past destroy the love that I’ve found?

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  1. Ramona Gordon

    When it comes down to sharing, Jake and Matt aren’t really impressed but Alexa puts her foot down and lets them know it’s share or do without. You figure out what I’m talking about by reading this book 🙂

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