Protein Shake

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Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase… Good till the last drop.

The only thing you need to know about this protein shake is…

Don’t spit. Just swallow.


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Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase…
Good till the last drop.

Kara Gilmore.
A sweet and pretty little flower.
She’s got no idea what we’re gonna do to her.
You know who we are.
Eric and Chase.
International billionaire fitness entrepreneurs.
We built this business by being ruthless and tough.
And that’s exactly what’s needed with Kara.

We’ll make her a star.
As we use her.
But first, we’re going to have to train her.
We’re going to tie her up.
Make her beg.
Make her work.
On her knees.
Get her in shape.

And if she’s a good girl?
We’ll bathe her in our protein shakes.
It’s sweet and will get her heart racing.
But it’s also salty, which’ll get her hair shining.
She’ll coat it and make her skin gleaming.

Because baby, the only thing you need to know about this protein shake is…
Don’t spit. Just swallow.

Hey babe! If you know what I’m about you’ll know that I truly believe all women are beautiful. No matter what. Every woman deserves to feel strong, confident, and sexy. This is the first time I try to convey that message with my writing. My desire is for this book to do more than entertain – but rather to give hope and help you embrace the sexy woman you already are.?

10 reviews for Protein Shake

  1. sammommi

    5 out of 5 stars Could not put it down!
    February 3, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This is the story of Kara, Eric and Chase. Eric and Chase own a chain of gyms and a newly started protein shake line. Kara is new to her “skinny Bitch” body. After losing 100 lbs. she now recognizes the need to strengthen her new body. This is when she meets the men of her dreams who want her to become the face of their protein shake line even telling her their special ingredient. Yes, this is a SUPER HOT book. But that’s not all. It tells the story of Kara and her struggles to accept herself for who she is and not punish herself for who she was. Her journey of acceptance and learning to block out the noise of others judgments are, I feel, the real story here and it was told beautifully. Kudos to Alexis Angel for telling a story that really shows a woman coming into her own and being truly empowered by her realizations and not being afraid to speak her truth.

  2. Lori

    This book was so good I would not put it down until it was done. I read and was like NO F’ING WAY were the shakes made they were made. But yep, they were!!!!

  3. lkdebower

    Billionaires Eric and Chase have a fitness empire just launching protein shakes with more protein. When Kara walks into their gym and stands them on their head. The attraction between the men and Kara is off the charts hot and soon steam is emitting from both the gym and Kara. When she rocks her way to be Miss Sexy Universe and the queen of their 12 inch cocks anything goes. And the protein flows…

  4. Renee

    I can really relate to this book in the sense of losing weight. I understand the tricks your mind plays with you after losing a heap of weight and looking in the mirror and still not seeing a person your happy with.
    Maybe if I had these protein shakes it would make the experience more enjoyable *wink wink*.
    I enjoyed the two speeches made by Kara whilst on stage, they were quite empowering.
    Little upset that Miss Australia was made to be a bit nasty because I’m Australian, but that’s cool I get it, we’re very intimidating lol just kidding. There’s always one in every and any competition.
    Just a great story watching Kara through her journey and gaining self esteem to be more confident in her own skin. Not to mention bagging two sexy fit men that can’t get enough of her. Of course the steamy moments in this book were off the charts hot AF that left you panting for more.

  5. Raecharmed

    Kara Gilmore used to be a plus size model until she gained too much weight and lost her contract. She’s worked hard and lost the weight she gained and then some. She tries to avoid temptation and goes to the gym where she meets two gorgeous men that want to help her with equipment so she doesn’t hurt herself. When Eric and Chase saw Kara they knew they had to have her. After the work out they tried to get her to go out with them but she turned them down and wasn’t paying attention and went into the men’s showers. Eric and Chase hear her calling out their name and catch her doing naughty things. They all end up in a hot steamy mess while in the showers. The guys decided that they wanted Kara to be the face of their protein shake and for her to enter a beauty competition as a way for some publicity. The guys and Kara are going at it hot and heavy both for the competition and sexually but is Kara hot for the guys naturally or is the secret ingredient n the protein shake causing the reaction?

    This was a hot and steamy read. The story was well written and draws you right into the story from the get go I couldn’t out this down until I was at the end. If you haven’t read anything by this author then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I can’t wait to see what she writes next. A five star hit.

  6. Heather Vandine

    I have to say this is my favorite book by Alexis Angel. It’s super hot. Well done. This is a must read.

  7. Zsgirl

    Thank you Alexis for writing this wonderful book and empowering plus sized women everywhere.

    Kara is a former plus sized model that lost her contract due to weight gain. On top of that her boyfriend breaks up with her. But, she decides to show them. She looses the weight and then some. That’s when she decides to tone up and joins a gym. The very same gym that Eric and Chase own.

    Eric and Chase are not only the owners of the gym but they also have the best Protein Shakes around.They are use to having women throwing themselves at them. But, they both want Kara. When they find out she used to be a model they decide that they want her as their spokesperson as well their lover.

    Will she agree to do it?? What will they do to persuade her?? Read to find out. You won’t be able to put it down.

  8. Sandy618

    This novel has everything we’ve come to expect from Alexis and NAP. It has hot sex, cocky alpha males, and most importantly
    the heroine has come to appreciate her new self. Alexis Angel has committed herself to help women feel empowered. She has
    brought that into this book. Thank you, Alexis, for helping us realize that we don’t need to be ashamed of our dirty sexy
    side!! Enjoy this HOT read!!

  9. Crystal

    WOW!! Holy hotness! Protein Shake is just crazy!! Not only will it get you all drippy, but Oh my! I can not express how amazingly sexy this book is. I look at protein drinks in a whole new light.

    Cara’s story also hits home, but it shows a different side that a lot of ladies need to overcome. I am not talking about the scale, I am talking about confidence and empowerment. This story has it all! Makes me be proud to be a woman <3 Thank you Alexis Angel! You bring it all the time!

  10. Jasmine

    Kara did not have the best life growing up, but she made due. So when she had a chance to become a model, she took it. But at size 18, she was a beautiful plus size model. Her then boyfriend was not very encouraging and instead of watching her figure, her weight increased and she lost her contract and her jerk boyfriend. She needed a change, so she lost a lot of weight in 2 years, but missed her curves. She decided to try a new gym to game some of those curves back. But when she meets Eric and Chase, her life will change again for the better! But can she handle the fame that comes towards her?

    This is more than a MFM hot steamy romance novel. It is inspirational to all of us women struggling with our weight, our goals and our image. Alexis does a beautiful job of going through the process women go through to get their success and the confidence back from any ordeal, including a breakup! Now, don’t get me wrong, this is one hot piece of reading material and the man meat is the icing on the cake, literally! This story was too good, had me laughing and wanting so much more for Kara, but Eric and Chase were funny too and they knew when Kara needed more or less from each of them. I recommend this book!!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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