Oops! Professor: A Romantic Comedy

Oops! Professor: A Romantic Comedy


It was supposed to be a fun one night stand.
And boy was it ever.
All night I went “oooh” and “aahh!”
But the next morning?
All I could say was… “oops!”

Because my dream guy?
My incredible lay?
He was my…Professor!

That’s right!
My very dirty teacher is a bad boy.
He’s cocky.
He can’t resist me.
And I can’t resist him.

Now I’m doing extra credit on his desk.
And he’s teaching me how to sin.
But we need to be careful.
Because there’s snakes in every corner.

Now it’s crunch time and only one question remains…

Will our secrets leave us with a big fat F?
Or will our love give me a big, throbbing D?


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