Naughty Lil’ Angel

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I’m a top romance author writing love for a living.

So where is my own Happily Ever After?

It’s time to let my wings furl and be a Naughty Lil’ Angel.



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I’m a top romance author writing love for a living.
So where is my own Happily Ever After?

I’ve been patient long enough.
I’m young, independent, and single in the city.
Sorta giving up on ever finding Mr. Right.
Until he sweeps into my life.
Stopping my heart every time we’re together.
He’s strong. Powerful. Intense.
He makes my knees weak and my panties wet.

You’d think it’s gonna be easy, right?

It’s anything but.
Not when two alphas circle each other.
But I’m tired of being a good girl.
It’s time to let my wings furl and be a Naughty Lil’ Angel.

This is the start of the story of WineBar. 60K words of pure Alexis Angel. Come inside and you’ll get sticky. I promise.

5 reviews for Naughty Lil’ Angel

  1. Darlin48

    I haven’t read a bad book from Alexis Angel yet and this book is no exception! The great plot and character development kept me so engaged throughout the entire book that I had a very hard time putting this book down until the very last page was turned!

  2. Heather Vandine

    What a book. This is a book you definitely want to one click it is hot.

  3. Raecharmed

    This is story of Winebar and the road it took to have that great love. Emily is an adventurous free spirit that doesn’t think she’s ready to settle down that is until she meets Kirk. Kirk is happy working and having the occasional one night stand or so he thought. Kirk is a total hot alpha male take charge kind of guy and always leaves you wanting more. The sexual heat between Emily and Kirk is hot even to ruin a good kindle. This book gives us it all the drama of the other men, the bbq incident and so much more. Once you start this story you won’t want it to end. An amazing love story over a period of time that show that love does exist and can survive. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to lose themselves in an amazing love story.

  4. Zsgirl

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    And Alexis Angel’s newsletter comes to life in a major way!! While this tale is loosely based on her NL, I feel it’s more truth than fiction. Emily goes out to celebrate finishing writing of her newest novel with her friend and coauthor Lana. She suggests a new wine bar across the street for their celebration. While there she meets Kirk (aka WineBar) a very hot and handsome man. She assumes that he is just a waiter and starts flirting with him. The chemistry between these two is intense and they can’t fight it. Even though they decide to keep things casual, they can’t seem to move on. Be prepared for a wonderful rollercoaster ride as these two figure out what they really want. The twists and turns with have you squirming in your seat. This a definite must read.

  5. Crystal

    If you are a newsletter subscriber for Alexis Angel, you may have heard about Winebar. We were able to interact and reply back to help her make a few decisions of moving forward or not with Winebar. I love how Alexis now brings us her version of the relationship and corresponds it with the NL. So what did I think of Naughty Lil Angel? I FLOVE IT! It oozes with sexiness mixed with high emotions. You think our heroine Emily is wild in the sack, Winebar ups the game in between the sheets. These two get hot and heavy together. The chemistry is plain madness. These two were made for each other! Now we can’t have a book that is just sex, right? Well I guess you could, but Alexis will bring the drama too! Freeway brings that piece into it. And so does Winebars ex!

    We go into a new world for Emily and uncharted emotions that she never dreamt to have with Winebar. Does she push him away? Will she choose Freeway? And OMG, the snake of Winebars ex made me want to slap her with all the antics she causes! I held my breath at the end because I was rooting for Winebar and Emily to start a relationship! But just because you have chemistry and trust in between the sheets, does not mean you will have outside the closed doors! Believe me! You need to read Naughty Lil Angel! Warning: You may feel tingles running through your body when it comes to the sexy scenes! Just sayin 😉

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