Mile High Tryst

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She’s calls herself an heiress.

Well, she’s right.

We’ll hold her hair and make her say yes.



She’s calls herself an heiress.
Well, she’s right. 
We’ll hold her hair and make her say yes.

She thinks her money will keep her safe.
She flies around the world, her airplane never touching down.
Food and fuel resupply the plane as it continues its flight.

Sabrina Van der Liss is hiding from something. Someone.
It’s our job to make sure the plane lands.
We were sent by her aunt to convince her to come back to earth.
To lead a normal life instead of staying in the sky.
That’s a tall order. Sabrina is a sassy, sexy, curvy wisp of a woman.
With hips that’ll get you hard.
Tits and ass that’ll make your mouth water.

Looks like the only question that’s gonna be asked is:

How much higher can we take her?

1 review for Mile High Tryst

  1. Ramona Gordon

    Lana continue to give us HOT in this second book of the series. Now Sabrina has been with all three of her pilots and Mason is up to something. What’s going to happen and who is Mason talking to in secret? These four characters have come to life for me in a way that I can’t explain but I do know that I have to read the entire series because I’m hooked.

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