Mile High Layover

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Three pilots came on board to fly my plane.

Well, they flew my plane, alright. All together.

I don’t think I’ll ever walk again.



Three pilots came on board to fly my plane. 
Well, they flew my plane, alright. 
All together. 
I don’t think I’ll ever walk again.

My parents have been murdered.
Someone is trying to kill me.
The only thing I could do was get in my private jet.
Take off, and never land.

My aunt sent three pilots with the goal to force me to land.
I don’t trust her.
And at first I didn’t trust them.
But they changed my mind.

Trevor, Mason, and Jason.
Clever, handsome, and kind.
With bodies fit for gods.
And hearts overflowing with love.
They hold me close.
They keep me safe.

And when I tell them my secret, they’ll be an army, ready for war.

1 review for Mile High Layover

  1. Ramona Gordon

    I have to continue giving this series 5 stars. Lana is keeping me on the edge of my seat and I didn’t want to stop to write this review. So much is happening with Jason, Mason, Trevor and Sabrina and the plot thickens when Trevor discovers what is really going on with Sabrina’s aunt Joanna. Trevor and Jason almost come to blows when a conversation is overheard between Trevor and Joanna and Jason thinks there is going to be a betrayal. Trevor can’t let everything out yet and tells Jason he will just have to trust him. The three guys meet with Sabrina and lay out their plan which is met with obvious doubt. No spoilers so I can’t say too much 🙂 Then after they execute their plan, Trevor is threatened by Joanna in a way he wasn’t expecting and he has to make a quick decision on how he will handle this new twist. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next in Mile High Twist. Hope everyone enjoys this series as much as I have.

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