Max Bid: Episode Eight

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We thought we had won.

We were so wrong…

They’re. Dead. Wrong.


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We thought we had won.
We were so wrong…

The Dean is not the just a scholar.
Our enemies have more than one face.
They have an operation that runs deep.

I thought that with three billionaires I was protected.
I was wrong.

We thought our love would conquer all.
We were wrong.

They’ve thrown us in the fire.
They’ll stop at nothing to destroy us.
They think they can keep us quiet.
They think they’ll win this fight.
Well guess what?

They’re. Dead. Wrong.

1 review for Max Bid: Episode Eight

  1. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, I am sitting on pins and needles now until Episode 9 comes out. Daphne could write another episode tomorrow and I will be right here to buy it. Kyle, Jared and Michael know how to treat Erica like a queen and a slut at the same time and I love how they are all right there to protect her. Don’t like that dean, he’s is definitely a creep who is intent on taking our guys down along with Erica. Jared is crazy as a sprayed roach but I love how he will face any peril to help protect their woman.

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