Kim vs. Stepbrother - step siblings romance to read online by Alexis Angel

Kim Vs. Stepbrother

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Does it seem like every girl in romance is doing their stepbrother??

Taboo just became even more tempting.

Goodbye, clear head.

1 review for Kim Vs. Stepbrother

  1. Ramona Gordon

    Taboo has never sounded better. Kim and Cody find each other and then Kim decides the taboo factor of the relationship means they need to cool it. Then jealousy, an embarrassing situation for Kim makes her deny that she even knows Cody to save face in front of her boss. Then Cody decides he needs to get his life together to prove he can be the man Kim needs. You have to read the book to know what happens for these two. I loved the way Alexis made both of these characters believable and likeable in a way she makes me want more.

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