Head Hunter

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Open wide, baby.

You’ve just met the Head Hunter.

And…the world’s oldest male virgin.


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Open wide, baby. You’ve just met the Head Hunter.

26 year old untamed billionaire alpha male with the body of a Greek god.
And…the world’s oldest male virgin.
You read that right.
Haven’t found anyone who can handle my magic stick.
Not that there haven’t been women who try.
They bat their pretty eyelashes as they grind their ass against me.
What they don’t realize is I may be a virgin, but I’m still a player.
In minutes, I’ve got them on their knees instead of on their back.
The day I find a woman my equal…well, that’s the day the Head Hunter catches his final prey.
The one he feasts on forever.
Till then the only question is…
Spit? Or swallow?

Come luxuriate in a full length standalone romance from the Queen of Sin, Alexis Angel. No cliffhangers or cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

4 reviews for Head Hunter

  1. lkdebower

    How long could you stay a virgin with women sucking your 12 inch cock? What if you got paid to NOT have pussy? Carter thinks he can resist anyone until he meets Ashley. Someone doesn’t want him to win the $2 billion payout if he resists for 10 more weeks. Ashley can earn $200 million if she gets Carter to give her his virginity. But what happens when she starts to care for him? Can they lastuntil the end of the show?

  2. Raecharmed

    Carter is participating on a reality show the hook with this show is that Carter must remain a virgin until then end. Ashley runs a business that uses sex as a way to trap and expose unsavory people. When Carter won’t give his producer what she wants she hires Ashley to seduce him into giving in and losing his virginity. What happens when you have to very sexual people together when one can’t give into his needs? Some very eventful ways at releasing their passions without him losing that one aspect he needs to win the show. Carter never thought he would meet the woman that he would want to spend his life with while doing this show. Ashley fells for Carter even though she was hired to bring him down. This was a great book I loved it. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. It was definitely a unique love story. If you haven’t read anything by the author then this will be a great start.

  3. Zsgirl

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    I must admit that this book is totally different. The shoes are swapped and Carter is the virgin. Well, at least, he is technically. He is on a reality show where he must remain one until the end. However, the exec’s have other plans and they hire Ashley, the femme fatal. If you want to find out what happens you must read. I highly recommend it.

  4. Sandy618

    This is another over the top novel from Alexis with a bit of a twist. Carter is a 26-year-old virgin who is the star of the reality show Head Hunter. Ashley comes into his life via Lola, the producer of Head Hunter. The chemistry between Carter & Ashley is HAWT. He falls for Ashley quickly ’cause she is the first woman who hasn’t cared about his money. This is everything you’d expect from Alexis Angel, lots of explicit sex, humor, and a strong bond between the main characters that turns into true love. If this is what you like in your novels you will not be disappointed!

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