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You don’t have to worry about too big. Or too small.

Because baby, you know when day turns to night

The three of us will take you? And we’ll fit just right.


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You don’t have to worry about too big. Or too small.
Because baby, you know when day turns to night
The three of us will take you?
And we’ll fit just right.

Amanda Gibson.
She’s everything that we love.
Caring. Sweet. Down to earth.

But us?

We’re rude, crude, and completely in control.
Minding our own business at our billionaires retreat
When she stumbles in – wide-eyed pop princess with her mouth open in wonder
She’s hiding out from the press
Thinks this secluded spot is going to be great
It’s secluded all right.
No one around to hear her screams and moans.
And that wide open mouth?
Gonna be filled soon with?

Let’s call it…porridge.

5 reviews for Goldicox

  1. Renee

    Definitely adults only version of this fairytale, lol.
    Steamy mfmm read. These 4 characters were drawn to each other immediately.
    An enjoyable twist on the villain of the story when the hits just keep on coming for Goldicox.
    There are three business partners that don’t exactly get along with each other until they all find themselves in a house with the one woman they can’t resist and can’t get enough of.

    This book was pretty much chapter after chapter of sex with Goldicox and each guy or her and two guys then altogether which don’t get me wrong, I love the sexy scenes but there wasn’t too much of the storyline. It just kind of got a bit monotonous after a while and I started skimming pages.

  2. Raecharmed

    Goldi is a pop princess and takes off for a retreat in the mountains when someone sets out to destroy her career. Needing some time away from everyone and the press she leaves what she didn’t expect was to get lost and end up on Bear Mountain. Troy, Lucas and Richard are billionaires and live at bear mansion on Bear Mountain and when the see Goldi they know she’s everything that they’ve been looking for. All the men want Goldi but she doesn’t want to choose between them. When the person out to get her steps up her game will the men be able to help her? Does she have to pick between them?

    This was an amazing story written by a power couple of writers. I love the stories I’ve read by these authors individually but I definitely will not look at this fairytale the same way again. The chemistry between these characters was sizzling I’m surprised my kindle made it through this read. If you love to lose yourself in an amazing story then this is the book for you.

  3. Zsgirl

    Abby Angel and Daphne Dawn are now one of favorite writing duos. They did an incredible job of retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s definitely a 5 star read for me.

    Amanda is a struggling singer/songwriter and she needs to get out of the city and away from the paparazzi. She really wants to get her career back on track. She decides some time at a cabin will do her some good. The cab driver drops her off at a path leading to it but gets turned around in a sudden downpour. She finally makes to Bear Mansion, owned by Troy, Richard and Lucas. Ironically, they are the owners of the Bear Music Record label. When she thinks she’s alone, she disrobes and tries to warm herself by the fire. Little does she know that she is being watched. The sex and the hotness begins there and doesn’t let up. You will have read to find what happens to this insanely hot quartet. Keep a fan and spray bottle nearby because you’re going to need it.

  4. Sandy618

    These ladies have put quite a spin on the original fairy tale. Amanda is a former top pop star. Life has gotten very complicated and she decides to leave the city. Amanda heads upstate ending up at the wrong place. To her surprise, she finds herself with three very handsome men who just happen to be music producers. Each of these men is able to meet her different needs. You really need to read to see how she handles these men. Will she be able to relaunch her career?

  5. Crystal

    I love how these two authors bring the dirty to fairytales. I instantly loved Amanda and I was taken back how her career had stumbled. Trying to get away from it all, she stumbles across three big, bad, and very naughty men. I loved the insta connection with all 4. There is something to be said when three very alpha men can cherish a woman all at the same time! This book is steamy and has some dramatic events. I love every dirty detail and did not put this book down until I was finished and satisfied with this book! Alexis and Lana worked great as a duo and this story was so much more than I expected! Happy reading friends <3

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