First Comes Love

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I am his. And he is mine.

Always and forever.

And then in the center of all that, he came in.


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I am his. And he is mine.
Always and forever.

We were young, single, free,
and had our future in front of us.
We were beautiful. Graceful. Desired.
And we knew it.

And then in the center of all that, he came in.

Stomped in and made his presence known.
Intruded on every single self-delusion I had ever had
and completely swept away what I thought I knew
about the world and myself.

All that was left was him.
Starting our lives together…

Follow ten women in this riveting collection of interwoven stories guaranteed to make both your heart and your panties melt. Experience the rush of falling in love as Alexis Angel takes you on an emotional journey you’ll never forget.

6 reviews for First Comes Love

  1. Renee

    I always love a good Alexis Angel smutty read but this is nothing like that. It’s completely different than anything I’ve read from her and I absolutely loved it.
    I’ve been reading and following Alexis’s crazy up and down love life through her newsletters for a while now. And now reading something she has poured all of her own feelings and emotions into just had me crying along with her.
    It was an emotional read and I was captivated from beginning to end.
    I really enjoyed all the couples stories and how she tied Emilia and Evans story in each one.
    I highly recommend this book, it is a must read for all Alexis Angel fans and those who are still hopeful in love.

  2. juliesbookland

    Alexis Angel Is A Fantastic Writer

    There’s 10 little stories that has to be read in order to get the full experience. I loved them all. So without spoiling it that’s all I’ll say.

  3. Raecharmed

    This is an amazing book with ten stories of ten independent strong women finding love. Each story has its own steamy hot encounter where the couple meet and fell for one another. If you are a fan of Alexis Angel and have followed her newsletters then you know about her romance with Winebar and you get a little more of the emotional aspect with little journal entries at the end of each couples story. Usually with a book that has multiple stories you’ll find only one or two that you actually like but that not the case with this one. Especially the second half of Emilia and Evan’s story will leave you wanting to know more.

    This was a great book and was very entertaining. This book has everything you need with a great story steamy sexy scenes, amazing characters with relatable stories. I can’t wait to see what this author does next. This is definitely a must read in my opinion.

  4. Zsgirl

    This book a collection of 10 stories about strong, successful and independent women. I absolutely loved it. Alexis did an outstanding job on this one and I can say that she has become one of my favorite authors. The book also contains a peek into her relationship with WineBar. I couldn’t recommend this more. You will not be disappointed.

  5. Sandy618

    I loved this book. This is the story of ten strong, independent women looking for their forever love. Alexis has written this book in a way in which the characters in the main story of Emilia and Evan are intertwined throughout the other stories then it ends with Emilia and Evan finding their HEA. In between each story Alexis gives us a glimpse into her relationship with Winebar.

  6. Crystal

    Okay folks! If you need a whole lot of sexy and a whole lot of romance, First Comes Love will do it for you! I felt that this was a little different from Alexis, but then the hot and heavy comes back and I’m back on track. There is some sugar coming from these stories. I felt like I was watching short films in my head with Alexis giving a piece of her experience with a Mr. herself. I stayed up reading this book and loved every journey I experience with the ladies! Get this book and you will see exactly what I mean!!

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