Falling For My Dirty Uncle

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So sweet. So good. And so off limits.

But I’m about to push those limits.

And I won’t stop ’til she cries uncle.


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So sweet. So good.
And so off limits.
But I’m about to push those limits.
And I won’t stop ’til she cries uncle.

Mira. Body of a goddess.
Pure perfection.
She walks in and I know I’ll make her mine.

She likes what she sees.
Wants a piece of me.
And I’m about to give it to her.


I don’t care if she’s my brother’s new step-daughter.
I don’t care what s#*t goes down.
Or the fact that her company is on the line.
Not anymore.

Because he only thing going down now?
Will be one dirty uncle.

7 reviews for Falling For My Dirty Uncle

  1. sammommi

    Alexis Angel has done it again! This one was so HOT and a little bit naughty. Owen is the 1/2 brother of the groom. Mira is the daughter of the bride. They had never met before their 1st very intense very naughty encounter. How were they to know that they were now technically family? It’s hot and also sweet and there is a little bit of intrigue as well. I only wish there had been more!!

  2. juliesbookland

    Taboo Never Felt So Right

    It’s such a taboo subject but I loved how Alexis pulled it off with such grace and those scenes were smoldering as always. So if you’re into reading taboo stories this is for you.

  3. Renee

    A passionate filled read from Alexis. I was reeled I’m from the start, I couldn’t put this down.
    I enjoyed this insta love story between Owen and Mira – stepping out of my own reality even if only for a short time.
    Their chemistry was off the charts. The way they met, with Mira’s little voyeurism moment was captivatingly sexy.
    They just couldn’t deny their attraction for each other even with the threats to their own businesses.
    I didn’t care for Carl from the start, there was just something shady about him.
    And I thought Mira’s mother would of had her back but her parenting skills leaves a lot to be desired.

  4. Raecharmed

    When Mira first sees Owen he is in the middle of having sex with another bridesmaid right on the wedding cake. Owen can’t take his eyes off the gorgeous young woman watching him have sex with another woman and he knows that he has to have her. Mira walks back into the reception for a drink to cool down after what she had seen. Owen wasn’t about to let her go and followed. They ended up leaving together after they had a dance and ended up in the honeymoon suite. Just has things were getting heated Mira’s mother and her new step-father walks in and she learns the man she almost slept with was her new step-uncle. Owen can’t believe he can’t have Mira he just can’t have another scandal. However things have a way of happening and Owen and Mira can’t stop coming together. Will the scandal cause Mira to lose her business? Does Owen want something more than a fling with Mira?

    This was a steamy story that will keep your attention from beginning to end. The chemistry between Owen and Mira is blazing hot. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a great steamy story.

  5. Heather Vandine

    Mira is at her mom’s and walks in on Owen and one of the bridesmaids having some fun. Later she learns he is her new Step Uncle. Owen doesn’t do relationships but he finds that he can’t stay away from Mira. The chemistry is sizzling and there is plenty of over the top sex between them. Outside forces are working against them. Will they be able to have their HEA or will it tear them apart. This is one book you will need a fan to cool you down while reading. I loved it. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  6. Sandy618

    If you read Alexis Angel you know there’s going to be a lot of deliciously dirty, filthy sex. This book is no exception. Highly recommend!!

  7. Crystal

    Owen and Mira are combustible together!!! This book had me completely glued to the pages. This forbidden romance is HOT and will overheat your e-readers. The heat factor is over the charts, but these two had chemistry that was having the sparks flying. The story line will have you wondering if these two will stay together or will something come up that will keep them apart. Alexis brings you another great book with the heroine in charge in and out of the bedroom! If your are new or a fan already, this is a MUST READ!!

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