Double Stuffed: An MFM Romance

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She likes her pastries stuffed with cream.

Well, together we’re giving her a stuffing she won’t ever forget.

We want it. And her.


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She likes her pastries stuffed with cream. 
Well, together we’re giving her a stuffing she won’t ever forget.

Leila owns a bakery.
She’s got a hit creation she discovered.
People are lining up for blocks to try it.

We want it. And her.

She’s everything we’re not.
Kind. Sweet. Gentle.
Not like us. Bad boy billionaire brothers that paint the town red every night.
Our money gives us power.
Our bodies give us women.
And we’re going to pull every trick in the book to take what we want from her.
You know what we’re going to do to her.
You can guess what we’re going to knead like dough.
Where we’re putting the cream.

But can her oven hold both of our…buns?

She’s going to love it.
She’s going to want it more and more.
Our stuffing is going to change her life.
There’s a reason for that.

It’s not because its sweet that makes it so good. 
But the fact that it’s salty.

2 reviews for Double Stuffed: An MFM Romance

  1. Raecharmed

    Leila runs her own bakery and when she made a unique pastry it took the town by storm. She invented a stuffed scone cone and everyone all over wanted it she made the news about it. Blake and Seth are to playboy billionaires that compete against each other and that are used to getting what they want. They both want Leila and not just for her new creation. However due to a double booking she took a joint meeting with them both that ended up in a hotel suite with all three of them becoming a hot sexy mess together. Still neither man came up with a business plan to offer her. She was taking off from work to be with each man individually and as a threesome and it was starting to take a toll on her friend and the business. So she backed off to try to regain some control but will it be the end of her time with Seth and Blake?

    I loved this story I couldn’t put it down once I started. This was a sexy hot story and the plot will keep you turning pages until you’re at the end. This is a must read in my opinion I’d recommend this to any of my book friends.

  2. kazza1957 (verified owner)

    This is one book that definitely had me on fire.
    Right from the start it was extremely hot and sexy
    but it still had a great plot to it. It wasn’t all sex there
    definitely was a lot of action as well.
    Do yourself a favor grab this one.

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