Dirty Darcy

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They say I got a lot of pride.

Well, baby, they’re right.

I also have a giant “ego”.


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They say I got a lot of pride.
Well, baby, they’re right.
I also have a giant “ego”.

There’s really no words to describe how insanely gorgeous she is.
Her job is to tempt men.
Well, she’s tempted me.
She wants to get a rise out of me.
Well, she’s causing things to rise that’s for sure.
But Lizzie Bennet is more than that.
She’s got a lot to offer.

And I’m going to buy it all.

I can buy anything I want with my billions of dollars.
I’ve never bought love.
Never needed to.
I mean, I am Darcy, after all.

You think I’m proud? You bet I am.

Women give that to me for free when they see my body.
My 8 pack abs. And bedroom eyes.
Sure, I got competition for her favor.
My rival, Wickham, won’t stop till one of us is dead.
He’s got his sights set on this Bennet Babe too.
He thinks he’s going to beat me.

Anyone wants to try to stop me doesn’t know that I’m going to play dirty.
Because it’s time to take this classic story?
And make it very, very filthy.

6 reviews for Dirty Darcy

  1. sammommi

    5.0 out of 5 stars Hottest Pride and Prejudice Take Ever!
    November 25, 2017
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Alexis Angel has done it again! SO HOT! Darcy and Lizzie are so perfect! Kindle melting!

  2. Cheryl Petit

    Alexis Angel has skillfully written a story that captivated me from beginning to end. This wildly hot and naughty story will definitely leave you drooling for more. Packed with a bit of humor, explosive chemistry and lots of hot steamy scenes, you’ll be left in a puddle of lust.

  3. Renee

    I’m not sure how Alexis keeps doing it but please don’t stop.
    Another incredibly hot and steamy read that I just couldn’t put down.
    I loved everything about Lizzie. Quite refreshing to have a strong woman who owned her sexuality and was damn proud.
    Lizzie and Darcy have some explosive chemistry with some wildly steamy moments including the off the charts threesome with Madeline.
    Definitely left me panting for more. I think I need a very cold shower to cool down.

  4. Raecharmed

    Darcy is a wealthy man used to getting anything he wants and he wants Lizzie so he looks into buying Bennett Babes where she works as a cam girl. Lizzie knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to show it even when its live on her cam show. She is shocked when a client drops a good bit of cash one night and she calls him Mr. Big and all his dirty talk just makes her want him more. What she doesn’t know is that Mr. Big aka Darcy is trying to buy Bennett Babes and if he does that changes things for them. However upon meeting him Lizzie knows she’ll do anything that she’ll do anything to have him any way she can get him. So its no surprise that they end up having sex in her cam room. However she wants Hawk Whickham to buy the business so things don’t have to end with Darcy. Will Darcy by the company and keep Lizzie around?

    OMG! This is a twist on Pride and Prejudice that even I couldn’t believe but I loved it. This was an amazing story that any reader is going to love. Now if you haven’t read anything by Alexis Angel then be prepared for an experience like you’ve never had before. I loved how Darcy and Lizzie came together and really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait for more by this author.

  5. Zsgirl

    Alexis has put her own spin on Pride and Prejudice and boy is it hot. Mr. Darcy is the ruler of a giant sex empire. He’s use having everything and everyone he wants. Lizzie is a cam girl on Bennet Babes, a webcam site. Mr. Darcy is competing to by the site, but his competion is none other than George Wickham. The dialogue between Darcy and Lizzie is quite whitty as you could is expect from any of Alexis books. The heat between them is explosive and will leave you panting. I absolutely recommend this book if you’re a fan of either author!!

  6. Crystal

    Okay, here is why I love Alexis Angel. She will write like no other author and brings it for the ladies out there. Darcy was jus WOW!!! And Lizzie was powerful in and out the bedroom. Their passion since they met in the cam room was off the charts sexy. Dirty Darcy was more than I expected and the storyline made you crave for more. The Sexiness level is off he charts good and I could not unglue my eyes from each page. There was a little bit of drama mixed with the lust in this story. This mixture was what was needed for the characters. In the end, I was excited to see that Lizzie and Darcy were indeed what each other needed. I definitely recommend this HOT read!

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