Dirty Brother: The Complete Series

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They fought over everything as brothers growing up.

Now they fight over the ultimate prize.



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Parker and Paul have hated each other for as long as they can remember.
They fought over everything as brothers growing up.
Now they fight over the ultimate prize.

My brother in law is so hot.
He?s got 8 pack abs.
A gorgeous, rugged face.
A huge cock that’s thick. And throbbing.
He’s definitely the brother I should have ended up with.

But Paul had other ideas.
He forced me to pretend to be his wife.
He doesn’t care one bit about me.
He never loved me.
He never will.
Not the way Parker does.
It just leaves me with one question.

Will this dirty brother be the one to give me my Happily Ever After?

3 reviews for Dirty Brother: The Complete Series

  1. c.fraley

    Great story with fantastic mental images. Each book left me craving more!

  2. lkdebower

    Meet Skylar who married Paul under blackmail. If she keeps his secret he’ll keep hers.

    Meet Paul’s brother Parker who met her first and loves Skylar.

    When Skylar finds she’s not legally married to Paul she has a chance to change things, or does she?

    Parker is sex on a stick and their intimate moments are hot.

    Will her secret keep her from being with Parker?

    Youhsveto resf this. Great series Lana.

  3. Ramona Gordon

    Great series. I purchased this series as individual books and couldn’t wait to get to the next in the series. Secrets being kept led to Skylar marrying Paul whom she really does not love and she is well aware that he is gay from the beginning. She is also very attracted to Parker, Paul’s brother. Parker and Skylar end up together when it is discovered that Skylar isn’t actually married to Parker because of a technicality and you would think that would be the end of it. But, Lana and Alexis have a way of bringing you full tilt into a romance with twists and turns and I love it. Paul’s secret is discovered and Skylar is afraid that he will betray her secret although she had nothing to do with the release of his. Parker is absolutely livid when he discovers that Skylar was aware the entire time of Paul’s secret and they have a terrible fight that breaks them up. Then, after Parker cools down, he goes to Skylar and they make up. You have to read this series to find out what happens after that point because if I told you then it would spoil then ending for you. Find out what happens in this series and find out if Parker and Skylar will get their happily ever after ending.

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