Dirty Brother Episode 1

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They fought over everything as brothers growing up.

Now they fight over the ultimate prize. 




Parker and Paul have hated each other for as long as they can remember.
They fought over everything as brothers growing up.
Now they fight over the ultimate prize.

My brother in law is so hot.
He?s got 8 pack abs.
A gorgeous, rugged face.
A huge cock that’s thick. And throbbing.
He?s definitely the brother I should have ended up with.

But Paul had other ideas.
He forced me to pretend to be his wife.
He doesn’t care one bit about me.
He never loved me.
He never will.
Not the way Parker does.

It just leaves me with one question.
Will this dirty brother be the one to give me my Happily Ever After?

8 reviews for Dirty Brother Episode 1

  1. Nicole

    This book is new to me

  2. Ken

    Good story

  3. angelflower7901 (verified owner)

    I just read and finished this. I love the start of this story. It pulled me in from the beginning. I relate to both Parker and Skylar. Parkers emotions are beautifully portrayed in my opinion. He is definitely the type of bad boy that makes a good man for that someone special. For Skylar, Parker could have been her night in shining armor at one time but alas thanks to Parkers brother Paul that became an impossible dream, or perhaps there’s some changes that could make it possible after all.
    I can not wait to read the rest of the stories in this series. Would have been five stars if not for having to buy them seperately at this point in time.

  4. Renee

    Skylar and Parker could’ve had a future together until she met his brother, Paul.
    Now Skylar and Paul are married rather quickly and to Parker’s dismay.
    It’s revealed that their marriage is based on blackmail from Paul.
    When Skylar and Parker discover some interesting news the pair can no longer hide their feelings towards each other.

    Great first book to start off this series.
    OMG the super sexy steamy moment between Skylar and Parker are hoooottttt!!!!!!
    It is a short read but I don’t care, I’m in it now and I need more, lol.

  5. Kimberly Reitman

    Totally awesome

  6. Treasa

    WOW! I was in it, I could feel the need and the want seeping through the words as the storyline pulled me in with lust filled eyes and warm thrilling shivers and talk about an explosive cliffhanger ending because daaamn that was so good I just got to have more. The story and the exiting twists where just as amazing filled with intrigue and page turning suspense with a splash of heartfelt emotions to make this a fantastic beginning to this amazing series. An absolute must read that will definitely have you wanting more.

  7. michelle_vandal

    Steamy story with many secrets
    Sexy story with secrets. I’m very interested in reading more. You can feel the chemistry between Skylar and Parker early on. It’s too bad she’s married to his brother Paul. Or is she? Paul knows Skylar’s secret that’s why they are together. Well, that and to help Paul keep his secret. I’m thinking I have a clue as to what Skylar’s secret might be but I’ll be reading the other installments to learn more.

  8. Gail (verified owner)


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