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I know I shouldn’t but I need to cum.

These women are out to get some.

Cum join them, babe.



I know I shouldn’t
But I need to cum.

From the hottest authors in romance and erotica comes the second series of short stories that will keep your heart rate pounding.
Your pussy throbbing.
And your blood boiling.

A filthy flight attendant.
A sinful brother and sister.
And a stripper looking for love.

Come immerse yourself in these stories as Naughty Angel Publishing takes you on a trip where women call the shots.
Where women pursue their pleasure.
With no holds barred.
With no consideration to what polite society will think.
And no care what anyone says.

These women are out to get some.
Cum join them, babe.

Alexis: Just don’t blame me if your panties are soaked.
Daphne: Alexis, be quiet. We’re trying to write a sexy blurb.

2 reviews for Depraved

  1. Steve

    Love every storie like living real life for me. Love thinking dirty things about my girl friend.

  2. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    Definitely liking this series, seriously hot.

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