defiled - erotic romance

Defiled: A Filthy Fantasies Collection

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Three wicked women got together to write some dirty words.

A divorcee who finds unexpected love from a handsome man jilted by her daughter.
A corporate power play that involves seduction of the highest kind.
A lowly maid and a wealthy, debauched billionaire.

Join Daphne Dawn, Alexis Angel, and Natalie Knight as they throw all caution to the wind to give you some of the dirtiest stories you’ll ever find anywhere.

Guaranteed to keep you up at night, reading.
You’ll want your vibrator next to you. And a cold shower afterwards.

Because one thing is clear…
If they weren’t already banned from Amazon – this book of short stories would make sure they would be.

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5 reviews for Defiled: A Filthy Fantasies Collection

  1. Lana Angel

    OMG u sluts this book was dirty.
    Also fuck Amazon for not letting authors review books.
    It’s time you stopped taking advantage of people.
    Anyway my fellow Angels did an amazing job on this book and I looooooved it. I love a good short story to read in between life’s little moments and like get a good bit o’satisfaction when I need it 😉
    Now let me stare at that cover some more!!!

    Just kidding. I will so be in on the next project but I was working on They All Love Me #9.

  2. Renee

    OMG!!! They weren’t kidding when they said you’d need your vibrator & a cold shower after reading this.
    I’m definitely not done with the vibrator so the cold shower will have to wait lol.
    Three different short stories all equally as hot as each other.
    I also enjoyed the strong female characters who know how to get what they want.
    Do yourself a favour & get this book now, I mean only if you’re interested in sexy AF alpha males who definitely know how to use the assets they were given.

  3. Zsgirl

    Damn!! You really weren’t kidding that these stories were very naughty. Now, I have to replace the batteries in my BOB and take an extra cold shower. There really should be a warning label on them saying “scorching hot, handle with care”.
    These three stories are all equally naughty. I absolutely love reading about strong women going after what they want and the men that GIVE it to them.
    Pick this one up and pray it doesn’t melt your e-reader.

  4. Raecharmed (verified owner)

    This is book is hotter than any other I’ve read by these authors. Each story brought its own hotness to the book. Definitely read when you are home because you will have an uncomfortable day otherwise. Amazing characters and great stories. One business gets the surprise of his life, a naughty m-i-l gets her fun. And lastly a maid gets dirty while cleaning a room. This is a well written and very entertaining book. I would recommend it to any book lover. A definite must read.

  5. Ramona Gordon (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure, at first, if I would like the combination of three short stories in one book but Defiled has changed my mind completely. Each of these stories was HOT in its own way, I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters in each story and definitely look forward to starting the next book, Depraved, in the series. Ya’ll sure do know how to put the Hot in Hot Damn 🙂

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