Boardroom Bride

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Mixing business and pleasure—it’s what I do.

But the stakes just got raised.

And now everything’s on the line…



Mixing business and pleasure—it’s what I do.
But the stakes just got raised.
And now everything’s on the line…

Elsa. CEO of Dirty Little Angels lingerie.
God…she’s everything.
Gorgeous. Brilliant. Pure Perfection.
A force in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Only problem? We’re sworn enemies.
Bitter rivals. A decade of animosity between us.

So yeah, maybe I’ve encouraged it.
Two CEOs who built competing empires.
What do you expect? Work hard, play hard.
Especially when Elsa can give it as hard as she takes it.

But apparently now I’ve gone too far.
My stunt as fashion week was the final blow.
Our boards say we’re out if we don’t fix our images.

Their solution?
A fake engagement.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
But maybe I’ll have a little fun with it.
Draw that line between business and pleasure.

Because when it comes to business, it’s a game I play to win.

1 review for Boardroom Bride

  1. Renee

    Yet another great read from Alexis. I could really feel the WineBar/Alexis aspect in this book – whether this was intentional or not – from reading Alexis’ NL’s.
    Two very strong characters in their own right being in direct competition with each other.
    They have to deal with the shady corporations behind their businesses and are made to do some unbelievable things to keep investors happy.
    However some of the things they come up with aren’t that much of a stretch considering the undeniable chemistry Elsa and Tanner have towards each other.
    They were once an unstoppable force in business and in the bedroom but a shady business partner put an end to all manner of their relationships.
    One minute they’re at each other’s throats but are then forced together (by the big-wigs), and they’re passion ignites once again.
    Convincing everyone of their recent reconciliation proves harder than they thought with a pushy reporter who is going to take a little more to convince, even after seeing a steamy sex tape.
    Love the attraction that Elsa and Tanner have and the caring and compassionate nature towards each other even when neither one expected it from the other.
    The story is very realistic with the bickering and the making up and the worry or concern for each other’s feelings.
    The characters were very believable and I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end.

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