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Never pay for a book again!

Introducing AngelAccess – your romance subscription reading service.

Because book boyfriends shouldn’t break the bank.

$5.99 / month

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Never pay for a book again!

Introducing AngelAccess – your romance subscription reading service.
Because book boyfriends shouldn’t break the bank.

You keep the book forever…never worry about returning it to get another!
Designed with your book budget in mind.

One payment of $5.99 will give you access to an unlimited supply of books.

The best part?

Books are added daily so there’s never a chance of running out.

15 reviews for AngelAccess

  1. Yvette


  2. shelbyladwig81 (verified owner)

    Got mine!!!!

  3. babettemine (verified owner)

    Got mine! Thanks again Ladies! I really appreciate being invited to subscribe.

  4. sujope49

    Can I purchase Angel Access without paying for the books on my order? Can’t pay for all of it at once.

    • alexis

      Yes! Just remove the books and buy AngelAccess by itself!

  5. bcherry27 (verified owner)

    WooHoo! Got it! Thanks for inviting me to Angel Wccess! You ladies are great and I’m really excited! ❤️🤗❤️

  6. Renee (verified owner)

    This is amazing. I’ve already got close to $50 worth of books but I only had to pay $5.99. With the amount of books being added all the time, I’ll never have to miss out on all this deliciousness and I’m saving money for other naughty things 😜😍

  7. TIFFANY (verified owner)

    This was the best idea!! I’ve downloaded a bunch of books. Now it’s time snuggle in a warm blanket and my kindle.

  8. adriennesoloman1201 (verified owner)

    I love Angel Access thanks for a awesome idea to help us who are on a budget …. 5.99 a month is so worth it and there are awesome books everyday to choose from…. I recommend everyone gets this and enjoys….. and the best part you keep the books

  9. Raecharmed (verified owner)

    I love Angel Access its easier for me to get books for 5.99 a month. I’m on a budget so books was one of the things I had to limit myself. With this you get a broad range of books to choose from and keep. You couldn’t ask for a better plan to get amazing books to enjoy. I recommend this to anyone that loves to read. Its even a great idea as a gift.

  10. mialinda565 (verified owner)

    Hell yeah! What more can you ask for? $5.99 monthly subscription for unlimited free books? You can’t beat that!! I absolutely love it!! I highly recommend it to everyone that loves to read erotic romance books!!

  11. Diane V (verified owner)

    I love AngelAccess! What a great idea! The cost is reasonable and the best part is keeping the books you download!!!! Great work Angels!!!

  12. Badassbossbabe (verified owner)

    The subscription service is awesome for a voracious reader such as myself otherwise my discretionary funds budget (single mom saving for a college fund) would be nonexistent!

  13. Christalean (verified owner)

    Thanks for inviting me to AngelAccess. Although I already bought all the books in it I cant wait for all the new ones that will be added. This is absolutely the easiest way to collect a lot of books at an affordable price.

  14. shlzam (verified owner)

    This is the absolute best way in the word to get what you REALLY want to read,,,,now, with these books from AngelAccess, you can own the series for Free,,,, just $5.99 a month you don’t have to scrimp and save in order to buy the next book in the series and then save more money to buy the next,,,,and it draws out for how many months to buy all the books in the series,,,, at least that was me,,,, but not
    anymore,,,,”The Angels” have heard our cries and now they have put together AngelAccess,,, so, you’re not into the series,,,???,,, that’s ok,,,, this is the way to buy standalones with no guilt if you’re going to like the book you’re looking at,,, can you spend $3.99 on a book you are pretty sure you will like it,,,, but $4.00 could go for something else this month instead of a book you’re not sure about,,, well,,, #1,,, who WOULDN’T like a book from these amazing authors,,,,???,,and #2,,, for only a little pocket change per month, you can get that book you’ve been looking at and several more,,,,I’m going to stop writing this review now,,,, I have a book to read from AngelAccess ,,,, I can pay them ONCE a month and read many more without feeling guilty, adding up the books,worrying you’ve spent too much,,,, plain and simple,,,, It’s a great way to read these amazing and talented authors we soooo love,,,,and they are adding new books, it seems like every day,,,,, I soooo recommend AngelAccess to absolutely everyone,,,,, !!!

  15. michelle_vandal (verified owner)

    Squeee!! AngelAccess is a great way to get your Angel reading fix and not break the bank. For a very low monthly fee you have access to so many titles and you get to KEEP them. I’ve been an Angel fan for awhile now so I had almost all the books already but what I didn’t have, I was able to get for much less than if I bought them separately. I’m excitedly waiting for new content and the exclusives. Can’t wait!!

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