A Very Merry MFM

Ethan and Luke are gods.

And they’re cumming down my chimney…




Ethan and Luke are gods. 
And they’re cumming down my chimney…tonight.

I can’t get enough of Luke.
He’s strong.
Virile. A man’s man with a gentle touch.

But I can’t get enough Ethan, either.
He’s a bad boy.
Dark. Dangerous. Dominating.

Being with one is torture because I’m not with the other.

So when they tell me to choose between them, what can I do?

I can barely choose what color panties to put on in the morning.
Let alone choose which Greek god to sleep with.

But then again, I’ve been a good girl all year.
Maybe it’s time I’m naughty. Screw being nice.

Christmas may come once a year, but guess what?

I’m not.


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