A Big Box of Dirty

Treat yourself… to your dirtiest desires.
From the Naughty Angels come some books deemed just too hot.
Included are 3 full length novels to sizzle up your Kindle:
Dirty Daddy, Dirty Darcy, and Dirty Talk.


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Treat yourself… to your diritiest desires.

From the Naughty Angels come some books deemed just too hot.

Included are 3 full length novels to sizzle up your Kindle.

Dirty Daddy

It’s Time To Please Your Dirty Daddy…

No man can match me. No woman has tamed me.
My billion-dollar empire makes me the most powerful man in the city. And I have a body to match. 8-pack abs. The face of a prince. The physique of a god. Money. Fame. Power.
And a 12-inch lust popsicle that dangles between my legs, hardening as you walk by.

Face it. You want me. You know you can’t resist.
And if you can walk afterwards, then we’ll do it all again till you can’t.

Touch me. Tempt me.
Tease me. Please me.

Nothing will be too much in this forbidden land of taboo delight.
Because baby, no matter how wrong it seems, with Daddy, it’ll always feel right.

Dirty Darcy

They say I got a lot of pride.
Well, baby, they’re right.
I also have a giant “ego”.

There’s really no words to describe how insanely gorgeous she is.
Her job is to tempt men.
Well, she’s tempted me.
She wants to get a rise out of me.
Well, she’s causing things to rise that’s for sure.
But Lizzie Bennet is more than that.
She’s got a lot to offer.

And I’m going to buy it all.

I can buy anything I want with my billions of dollars.
I’ve never bought love.
Never needed to.
I mean, I am Darcy, after all.

You think I’m proud? You bet I am.

Women give that to me for free when they see my body.
My 8 pack abs. And bedroom eyes.
Sure, I got competition for her favor.
My rival, Wickham, won’t stop till one of us is dead.
He’s got his sights set on this Bennet Babe too.
He thinks he’s going to beat me.

Anyone wants to try to stop me doesn’t know that I’m going to play dirty.
Because it’s time to take this classic story?
And make it very, very filthy.

Dirty Talk

What happens when you meet the love of your life…
And then you run away like a little bitch?

Well, if you’re a lucky fucking asshole like me
You don’t just have billions.
You aren’t just a CEO.
You get a goddamn second chance.

Darcey Lincoln is the perfect woman.
Sexy red lips on a smart mouth.
Curvy, tight body in dresses I want to tear off.
Only problem?
She’s the other fucking CEO.

Nelson Media is an empire we both want to run.
But there’s only room at the top for one.
I can’t commit to shit.
So why do I find myself asking…
Love or Career?
Who knew men could ask themselves this too?
I sure as fuck didn’t.

So the real question is…

Can I stop being a prick and win back my soulmate…
Or is my second chance with this goddess just one too many?

Grab this box set for an incredible deal on three books that’ll make you feel dirty, in the best way possible…


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