4 Men of the House

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One woman versus four brothers.

We want her for her body.

Now she’s gotta decide which of us to call Daddy.


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One woman versus four brothers.
We want her for her body.
Now she?s gotta decide which of us to call Daddy.

Pretty little vixen in the black silk Dolce & Gabbana.
Tries to act the good girl till we slip it off her.
Then tempts and teases us in her red La Perla.
She was sent to spy on us.
Gather dirt and destroy us.

What she didn’t know was she’d fall in love.

But it’s not just her.
The four of us are now her world.
Protect her with no doubt.
Take her at night.
Watch as her eyes close while she screams out.
As she takes us in with those hips.
While our teeth sink into her lips.
We’ll save her from the scumbag who sent her to destroy us.
When he comes looking for her, we?ll be waiting.
Heaven help him if he tries to hurt her.
We’ll take down anyone he brings.
Afterwards, it’s just us. Always and forever.
Happily ever after for the five of us.

And in nine months, make it six.

1 review for 4 Men of the House

  1. Raecharmed

    When Ian, Evan, Paul and Matt first see Meg they know that they want her but they never expected it to be something serious. Meg once sent to be a spy and look for a will that included her abusive boyfriend and his mother. She never really planned to do anything he wanted of her but wanted to get away from him so said she would do what he asked of her. She met each brother and knew that she couldn’t betray them as she got to know them better. One thing lead to another and she stopped working as their maid and become theirs. At first the guys didn’t want to share but as things progressed they knew that they would have to share in order to have what they all needed from Meg. When Meg was in danger the guys saved her but will they still want her when they find out about why she was a maid there in the first place?

    This was a great story brothers falling for the same woman. Their relationship is unconventional but they don’t care what others think since it works for them. The chemistry between all of them is electrifyingly hot. This was a well written and very entertaining story. I can’t wait to read what they write next.

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