36 Inches

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12 inches might make you sigh. 24 inches may bring you to paradise.

But put 36 inches of man meat on the table?

Get ready to scream.


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12 inches might make you sigh.
24 inches may bring you to paradise.
But put 36 inches of man meat on the table?
Get ready to scream.

Mason, Derek, and Parker.
Three untamable beasts that dominate the book industry.
Whether its our 8 pack abs, our rugged face, or our giant…egos.
No woman can withstand our charms.
We take what we want and move on.

Until we meet Cara.

She’s something else entirely.
A force of nature we’ve never dealt with.
She wants all of us. At the same time.
Says she refuses to choose just one.

There’s forces looking to destroy us.
To beat them, we’re going to have to work close together.
To save her, we’re going to have to use our bodies.
We’ll let you guess which parts…

8 reviews for 36 Inches

  1. Renee

    I’ve read 12 inches & 24 inches and I thought they were amazing but this one, holy hotness batman, turn up the AC and do not read this with kids around.
    Jam packed with heat, steam, lust and sooo much sexiness.
    I love reading these books to escape my reality. Even if it’s only for a little while, the dream is real.

  2. Adele

    I received an ARC for an honest review. Come on…Three guys who want to help you get your revenge on your old boss and cheating ex-boyfriend? Then…Do all kinds of naughtiness to you?!?!? Where do I sign up?? Another scorchingly hot read from Alexis!!!

  3. Heather Vandine

    Really loved the topic of this book. I thought it was genius writing about different authors of course using some fictitious names. But also including a story about 3 men and 1 woman all falling in love. The sex was extremely hot. I loved it. Thus is definitely a must read.

  4. Raecharmed

    Cara is a PA to Sienna Sinner a romance author that has been losing fans left and right. When Cara arrives at work one day she hears Sienna plotting to take down Naughty Angels Publishing and rushes into her office to find her boyfriend screwing her boss. Sienna fires Cara immediately. Cara ends up in a bar where a cover model she knows bartends and tells him about her day. Derek is happy that Cara is free now since he has wanted her for awhile but it surprised when Cara tells him she wants him. They end up sex in the office of the bar after they plan to go talk to Mason about the possible problem from Naughty Angel Publishing. Mason agrees to help them and sets up a meeting with someone that works at NAP to help them also. Parker is a cover model for NAP and gets involved to bring Sienna down. After they get down talking all three go to Parker’s and end up having a scorching hot threesome. Afterwards they sit down to plan their next moved. Will they figure out what Sienna has planned? Will Sienna achieve her goal in destroying NAP?

    I loved this book I didn’t want it be over when I got to the end. Great characters . amazing story and some scorching hot sex you couldn’t ask for more to keep you entertained. I can’t wait for the next book by this author.

  5. Zsgirl

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

    Cara is the PA of romance writer Sienna Sinner, an amoral woman that will stop at nothing to be a top novelist. But, when she arrives late to work one day, she finds that Sienna is plotting to destroy her favorite publisher but that she is also giving Cara’s boyfriend a blowjob. To make things even worse, she gets fired. When she decides she has to stop her boss’ evil plan, she enlists Derek, Mason and Parker to help her. They all want her for themselves but she wants them all. Will she be able to have them all and save her favorite publisher? You’ll enjoy reading this sizzling tale to find out. It has a great storyline and catches your interest from the start. Thank you Alexis and Naughty Angel Publishing for another awesome book!!

  6. Crystal

    I loved Cara! She never expected to have the love of her life coming at her blindsided. Well lets make that 3 loves of her life. This woman is a very luck lady! Derek is my favorite bartender! I love his first interaction with Cara. The kiss that started it all. Cara loves hard and is so down to earth. I love the fact that she loves a good smutty romance book and gets lost in passion alone.

    Mason starts out as an arrogant a*hole. Then he gets a taste of Cara and he starts to change. Parker finds himself in the triangle and can not stay away with the way just a touch from Cara makes him feel! Mason is my favorite of all three men. Just his presence that he brings does it for me! I love that Abby is back from previous books. She is ready to take on the world and even though “threats of her publishing business” comes, she does not back down. She comes out on top.

    36 Inches is a very sexy read. I never took my eyes off my Kindle. The heat is scorching, and you know that Cara is being cherished by some very sexy alpha men. The intimacy level is at a high that makes the passion so much better. The emotions that are brought on are indescribable. I love these books and can not wait to read more!

  7. sammommi

    I read both 12 Inches and 24 Inches and thought they could not be beat. I was oh so wrong! 36 Inches turns up the heat and the drama. How can Cara choose just one of these men? Easy, she can’t and she wont! Have a cool drink or a hot man available after this one, you will need it!

  8. Melba Turner

    Whew! This is smoking hot with lots of laughs and I will be reading it again. Ms Alexis, I love the way to can make one woman feel so special. The women you write about are sexy, charming, intelligent, witty and completely capable of handling most situations and men. This must be you.Keep on writing those books and I will keep buying them.

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