3 Men of the House

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You’re such a pretty little flower.

Time we made you really dirty…

Its will you walk the next morning at all?


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You’re such a pretty little flower.
Time we made you really dirty…

You’re being forced into something you don’t want by our
brother. He’s a lying, manipulative scumbag. He doesn’t
care about you. He’ll blackmail you as long as he sees
dollar signs.
But he doesn’t know that we see you.

You make our blood boil.
In those tight little skirts.
Swinging your hips side to side.
Makes more than our mouths water.
We’ll save you. Then we’ll share you.

Think you can handle us?
Think you can hold on for the ride of your life?
Because it’s no longer a question of will you swing your
hips as you walk by us?

Its will you walk the next morning at all?

2 reviews for 3 Men of the House

  1. Raecharmed

    Stacy is blackmailed into pretending to be Percy wife and mother to his “fake” baby so that he can gained his inheritance instead of his step-sibling. When Stacy meets Kieran she is instantly attracted to him. Kieran is trying to figure out what Stacy part in Percy plan is but whatever it is he doesn’t care he still wants her. Stacy is alone in her room or so she thinks when she starts to masturbate and Carter another of Percy’s step-siblings walks in. She recognizes Carter from him playing in sports one thing leads to another and they have sex. The last step-sibling is Nolan and he is actually working with Percy or so they think. Stacy ends up being with Kieran and Nolan also and all three step-brothers join forces to take down Percy. Will they be able to beat Percy at his own game? This is a fast paced romance with lost of hot sex and has a great story. I would recommend this to any of my book friends.

  2. Ramona Gordon

    Another great book. Stacy, after being forced into marriage to save her father’s business, meets Kieran, Carter and Nolan who are her husband’s step-brothers. The chemistry between Stacy and all three of these men is instant as she meets each one and she finds herself falling for each of them. The only hitch is that Percy, her husband, has threatened to ruin her father if she doesn’t play along with his plan to take over his father’s entire estate and cut the other three out completely. Percy, being gay has come up with the plot because after gaining access to his late father’s will finds out if he can be the one to guarantee the continuation of the family line he will inherit everything. Nolan is also being blackmailed by Percy and finds himself up against Kieran and Carter because of the hold Percy has on him and does a lot of dirty work for Percy. Will the three brothers, along with Stacy, be able to take Percy down before he succeeds? You have to read the book to find out and I really think you will enjoy it. There a lot, I mean a lot, of hot steamy scenes in this book so grab something cold to drink and make sure you have a change of panties 🙂

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