12 Days

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On the 12th day of Christmas, my true loves got for me.

Well… does it even matter? All I want is you.

And your eleven brothers.


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On the 12th day of Christmas,
My true loves got for me
Well…does it even matter?
All I want is you.
And your eleven brothers.

Alyssa Morrow.
Pure and clean as fresh snow.
That is…until she met us.
Meet the 12 most eligible bachelors on the planet.
Self-made billionaire brothers who trade in true love.
Packaged. Shipped. And sold.
Our bodies will ruin you for other men.
Yet no woman has ever tamed us.
No woman has ever gotten close.
We use them. Then lose them.
And now we’re going to show her how its done.
She thinks she’s going to conquer us.
Maybe she can tempt one. Tease the other.
But all 12 of us?
No way.
We’ll drive her to drink instead.
And what she gonna be drinking?

Let’s just call it…egg nog.

5 reviews for 12 Days

  1. sammommi

    Ho Ho HOTNESS!!!
    December 8, 2017
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This book was so dark and hot it melt my kindle! 12 guys? Talk about sensory overload!!

  2. Renee

    Wow! I love when it’s 3 or 4 guys but 12 guys, it’s like pleasure overload.
    Alyssa works for the FDA and is given a case to investigate the company True Love and its new perfume they are about to launch. Clearly Alyssa’s boss has it out for this company when he tells her he wants to take them down.
    Alyssa is one of the best which is why she was chosen for this case but upon meeting these 12 men things don’t exactly go according to plan.
    It would be great if there was a perfume that did this or even just give you more confidence. I can’t say I’d have the confidence to do what she did in the waiting room the first time she met these guys.
    On top of the amazingly sexy steamy moments, I quite enjoyed the storyline.

  3. Raecharmed

    Alyssa is newly working for the FDA and they sent her in to investigate a perfume company they feel is doing illegal things to their perfume formulas. When she first arrives Theo greets her and escorts her to where the other 11 members are having a meeting. Alyssa comes in guns blazing and sets the guys up in arms so they have her wait outside in a waiting room what she doesn’t know is that the window is a two way window. She is all hot and bothered by what she did and proceeds to mess around without realizing they can see everything she is doing. This all happens just on her first day things continue to heat up each day and with every tour of the building she gets. She meets Tristan, Tate, Owen, Sean, Simon, Easton, Ethan, Finn, Nico, Ford and Tyler. Everything with the 13 of them is sizzling hot and will have you turner pages just to find out what they are willing to do next. Will Alyssa find evidence to shut them down?

    I loved this story even with so many people in play each page kept your attention. If you haven’t read anything by Dar Angel then this would be a great story to start with. A five star hit.

  4. Zsgirl

    Wow, Dark Angel has delivered another scorcher of a story!! Where does she get these storylines from?!?!? I would love to have her imagination.

    Alyssa Morrow is a new agent for the FDA and she is a woman with a mission. She is investigating “True Love”, a company that manufactures perfumes and cologne. She is convinced that there is something amiss with their formulas. Perhaps , even something illegal. You see, women find them irresistible.

    But, when she goes to meet with the heads of the company she is unknowingly brought into the conference room mid-meeting. Thinking that these 12 gorgeous and hunky are being rude and ignoring her, she interrupts and finds that she is the one in the wrong. She is escorted to a waiting room where she continues to get herself into even more trouble. What kind do you ask?? I guess you’ll just have to read to find out. Believe me you’ll enjoy every second of this book.

  5. Ramona Gordon

    Alyssa Morrow has her twelve days of Christmas in the hottest way. She is hired as an FDA consultant to check in on a perfume maker call True Love that is headed by twelve very hot and sexy board members. Each of the guys brings something special to the table, no pun intended but you will understand when you read this book, and one very important thing they all have in common. Alyssa has choices to make, is she being controlled by the ingredients in the perfume or is she just doing what she really wants to do? I really think you will love this book as much as I did if you are into very HOT reverse haram books because 12 days gives you all that and more.

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