10 Commandments

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You think you’re the boss? We’re about to show you…

We’re the ones in charge. If you want us, you must obey some rules.

We call them the Ten Commandments.


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You think you’re the boss?
We’re about to show you…
We’re the ones in charge.
But if you want us, we have some rules you must obey.
We call them the Ten Commandments

I. We shalt covet our neighbor, Evelynn Travers.
II. We shalt be possessed in lust for her.
III. We shalt give in to the temptation of her flesh.
IV. Thou shalt scream thy lords name as we take you.
V. Thou shalt fornicate with us until we say to cease.
VI. Thou shalt heed us as your masters.
VII. Thou shalt take no other man than us to your bed.
VIII. Thou shalt worship us on your knees.
IX. We shalt do with thy as we please.

And the final rule?

X. Thy body and soul shalt belong to us alone…until the end of time.

5 reviews for 10 Commandments

  1. sammommi

    5.0 out of 5 stars These 10 Commandments are easy to follow
    January 23, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    These 10 Commandments are easy to follow.
    Eve has taken over Scarlet, her parents’ beloved business. Time to clean up and run the business her way. One advertisement for new employees will change her life. Of course it helps that she advertised asking for twins. Who could have anticipated 5 pairs of alpha male Doms showing up for the job? Terrific story Heat level cannot be any higher and some intrigue added in just in case you weren’t satisfied. This book is not to be missed.

  2. Renee

    OMG TWINS! Like the Angel books can get any sexier, they introduce twins. Not just 1 set but 5 sets of twins *fanning self* lol.
    Yes another super raunchy, super steamy read from the ladies at Dark Angel.
    Of course being a Dark Angel book there was the dark twist to the story that I actually really enjoy everytime, still surprises me.
    I loved the whole BDSM club that Eve owns and that there is no sex with the clients. New to me but still quite intriguing.
    Caroline, I was on the fence about her throughout the whole book. Just when I thought she seemed nice enough, she would say something to make me not trust her.
    I enjoyed the storyline and the protectiveness the 10 men had for Eve and couldn’t get enough of those steamy moments.

  3. Raecharmed

    Evelyn’s parents want her to take over the family business which she agreed to do however she was stunned by what she saw when she walked in. Deciding to start out completely fresh Evelyn fires the three men working for her parents. She wants people to know that she runs a BDSM club not a brothel so there’s no sex. She hires five gorgeous sets of twins to work for her. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly with just a minor hiccup here and there but then the former employees let it be known that they weren’t happy being fired. They hunks working for Evelyn are attracted to her and aren’t exactly sure how to approach her about it. Yet when they find out that she’s in danger all barriers drop and they let Evelyn know they all want her for their own.

    This was a steamy book however don’t let the first scene in the book stop you from reading. I was like wtf at first too but its definitely a book I’m glad I finished. This book has everything a great book should have hot sexy scenes with amazing characters and some drama thrown in. Another hit by this author in my opinion.

  4. Zsgirl

    The ladies of Dark Angel have done it again. I would love to get a peek into their brains. Each book gets hotter and hotter.

    Evelyn is the daughter of the owners of Scarlet, a BDSM haven for women that want to be dominated. She plunged into the business and ownership when her parents come down with some mysterious illness. One her first day, she receives a phone call regarding 3 of her employees and murder. Not wanting that sort of element in her club, she fires them. She realizes that she needs new doms and put an advertisement in the paper. Little did she know that 5 sets of hunky twins would answer. She hires them all after a short interview, thinking that these men will really bring in business.

    The heat between these men and Evelyn is explosive. She can’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that she wants them all equally. They want her just as bad. When her life is threatened she finds out just what they would do to keep her safe.

    I highly recommend this book if you are into reverse harems(yes), BDSM(yes) and steamy over-the-top sex scenes(YES!!). This book will catch your attention at the beginning and keep you hooked til the end.

  5. Crystal

    Oh my! I loved 10 Commandments! The beginning has you thinking, “What the f’ is going on?” It starts off dramatic and keep you on your toes for sure. Then we meet Evelyn who is now in charge. She throws out the bad and wants to turn her new business into nothing but good! And holy h-e-l-l! 10 hotties walk through her door and ready to serve! You need to read this book to see what makes these 10 men so unique and hot at the same time. Let’s just say ladies that Dark Angel makes it worth the fantasy! I am fanning myself as we speak because my temperature rises every time I think about what I read.

    I have hear about reverse harem stories. More male than female and maybe vice versa?? I am new to this reading and was asking myself, “How does this work with 10 men and one lucky lady?” Well folks, read this book and you will find out! It is very sexy and makes your jaw drop a time or two. I have been reading books from this author for some time now. I knew I would love this story, but did not realize that I would be hooked! 10 Commandments is a must read and will allow you to live through Eve and her Harem! Warning! You will need a bucket of ice to cool off once you are done with this book!

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