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Ok, the gym is amazing!

Lol that’s not what you normally say and I don’t say it either.
But I had new athleisure wear yesterday with new yoga pants form Lululemon that made me look super delicioso.

Too bad I was super fucking hungover.

Anyways so after I sent my email I went to the gym. I was hung over from going out with sorority sisters and drinking cosmos and apparently not increasing my server size. Anyways, so you ever been to the gym, or anywhere really and you get the vibe that someone somewhere is staring either at your ass or legs? Or your whole body?

Well I’m doing reverse leglifts on a machine because like I want to keep a super tight butt and I see two dudes staring at me near the free weights section.

Now I can do two things: 1. I can get all upset


2. I can get all tingly.

Guess which one I ended up getting?

Yeah, I did reverse leg lifts till my leg couldn’t do any more and then I switched over. My black yoga pants were super sexy and I’m like okay this is working because the two dudes are like just standing there and I’m like so flattered omg. I’m on cloud nine because this is insane. They aren’t bad looking guys either. Broad shoulders and cut and clean cut and looking like they work for J. Crew.

So I do the other leg and I’m like okay are they just gonna stare.

And one of them comes up and is like, “Do you need a spotter?”


Yes, please spot me.

And I turn around after getting off the machine and I’m like…”I need two spotters”

Then I wink and nod.

And I’m gonna tell the rest of the story tomorrow because I gotta clean the apartment before Lana gets here. I have panties all over. In the most random of places! Like yesterday I found a pair of La Perla in the oven.

What the fuck.

Oh babes! We have so many books coming into the store. We had two books come in from Lana. We had a bunch of books come from Daphne. We’re getting new authors. Building momentum. Lana and I did an interview with Daphne that Lana is publishing tomorrow too!

Check out Featured Deals too. Some good deals.

Okay, love you lots and yes, I have stories to tell. I’ll try to come in tomorrow morning (Thurs) once I wake up and after the gym to finish the story. It’s shiver worthy!

2 thoughts on “Ok, the gym is amazing!

  1. Where does the secret deals password come from?

    1. I’ll be sending an email!

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