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Ok, someone take a chill pill

So I got this email today. I didn’t wanna put it on the newsletter but Lana (who was over the moon at the number of people downloading our freeibe was bummed today when she saw this) and I were like scratching our heads. Don’t worry I’ve removed him from the mailing list. And I’m figuring out how to ban him from the site or if I even wanna do that. But let me paste his email.

IT reads:

Alexis and Lana Angel:

The indie publishing world was a better place before you showed up. And it was great while you were gone. I hope you fail. Your series is garbage. Your books are trash. No one wants to hear about your life. No woman will ever be empowered by the likes of you. The world would be better off if your website just folded up and died. No one wants to read your stupid books. Stop fooling yourself and thinking anyone wants to buy anything from your store. Do yourself a favor and go stop trying to put sentences together and go back to the kitchen where you bitches belong. You’ll thank me later.

(Name redacted)

Right so I’ve gotten hate mail in the past. But never to this level of vitriol. Anyways, I know I said I’d talk about Professor today but I need to go call Lana and try to cheer her up. I’ll post about it later on tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
Sorry angels. Sometimes there are mean people out in the world.

But I’m not standing down. I came back after Amazon. I am gonna kick this dude in the balls if I ever meet him. With my heels. I’m not backing down. Are you?

94 thoughts on “Ok, someone take a chill pill

  1. What a Tool! He obviously can’t write worth a damn so he’s jealous that you guys can write amazing content. He’s not worth it you and Lana keep doing what you do because where there’s a few of him there’s more of US that appreciate your writing. XOXOXO

    1. Why would you let this idiot upset you? You know the truth. You know how talented you are and how much your readers love you and your books.You saw how much we all missed you when you were gone and how happy we were when you returned. You are a best selling author. No one can take that from you. He is obviously jealous.

  2. What an Asshole!!! Dont let his stupid words upset you. You girls are wonderful, so dont let anything stop you from achieving your goals. And if he didn’t like your books why download and read it in the first place? Hater, that’s all he is.
    Sending you love Lana & Alexis

  3. Seriously what is wrong with this guy. He is throwing a tantrum like a two year old. I would not take what this guy said to heart. I love you and Lana’s books.

  4. So much for #metoo! This guy obviously has much deeper issues and I think his name should be mentioned only so we all don’t buy his books or support him. Beyond unacceptable!! Many people enjoy your books and Lana’sand that is what indie publishers are all about— giving people the choice to find and support authors they enjoy. For too long the BIG publishers decided who we could read and now many new voices are emerging and many genres previously not available to most readers. He’s not a fan, so don’t subscribe or read. No need for him to be abusive or ugly. I say call him out by name. Trolls should not be protected.

    1. I Agree with Ann. Publish the troll’s name. You are loved by many and do not deserve the trash he is putting out. Keep your head high and move on.

      1. I agree. And maybe he will get some hate mail of his own. ?

        1. Two thumbs up. He needs to be identified, not for harassment purposes. It is so we can all have the right to choose our own path so we can decide for ourselves what kind of action we would prefer to take. Ignoring, refusal to purchase, etc…

  5. Maybe just a guy who lost his girl cuz she was empowered buy the likes of you?…lol that’s ok that’s why we love you

    1. I agree with Ashlee. Don’t give him attention that’s what he wants. Do document it and keep the email for metadata. He may be a crazy loon. Also your internet provider may take him down if you complain.

      1. I would follow all of Marian’s advice. This individual needs to be taken seriously! In today’s times, hateful words have become hateful actions way to quickly and easily. Jealousy has caused so many problems.

        Keep caring and sharing Alexis and Lana, as you always have. It’s what has endeared you to all of your readers.

  6. If he is a writer he mostly sucks at it and is jealous. #$%k off little man ?. He means nothing. You and Lana are doing great ? We look forward in hearing from both of you. Keep up the great work. ?

  7. Some people have nothing better to do than spill their hate and jealousy into others. If you and Lana are happy doing what you do, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then f**k that s**t. I hope you succeed in figuring out how to ban that guy, and if they’re reading these comments – get a life dude … nobody wants to read your crap.

  8. Ladies,
    This man is obviously intimidated by the sense of self that you both project. He is also very obviously angry about the fact that his penial region wouldn’t be able to satisfy an amoeba. You two write wonderfully thoughtful and spicy stories that are loved by many; pay no attention to a man who is scared and lashing out.

  9. Omg! Jealous much? That’s what I took from this. I’m in my 40s and I’ve been told, a time or 2, that I’m completely old fashioned. Yes I stay at home taking care of my household, but it’s not for everyone. My husband after 13 years in the military still goes out and brings home the bacon. That being said I’m so sorry that this douche had to be that “guy”!! Oh well haters gonna hate. Your Angels have your back.

  10. Don’t even pay him any mind. You and Lana are awesome! Keep your heads up and keep up the great work.

  11. He is nothing but a jealous idiot! I adore the books you and Lana release and have read as many as I can! I love the blog as it gives us a chance to learn more! I would kick this guy too!

  12. Alexis and Lana…I don’t care what he says. No man speaks me for including my husband…lol
    I was worried and sad when I hadn’t heard from you guys.i have already complained to Amazon about their procedures regarding taking my favorite authors off their site. I love your new site and I am proud of both of you!!! Hate unfortunately comes in all different forms. Please don’t listen to him and the best thing you can do is.. do what you want and what makes you happy. Know this you have a great support system and your Angels adore you both. Stand strong against this hateful person, seriously if he doesn’t like your books or new website, he doesn’t have to buy them and he doesn’t need to visit the site, what a douche… ??XOXO

  13. What a douch. I agree with Christine probably sucks at writing. Or just a very lonely guy. Pity him. Anyone who feels the need to write stuff like that to anyone has serious other problems. You both are awesome, don’t let him dampen your lively spirits!

  14. Please don’t take the rambling of some narcissistic asshole seriously! Someone must have shit in his Fruit Loops and he decided to pass on the poison. I really enjoy your emails and as far as your books go, luckily there’s more people around that WANT to read your books and enjoy them than him!! Fuck that whiny bitch and use that email as fuel to your fire! I am so sick of evil people taking their sickness out on others. Prove that prick wrong!!!

  15. Some people are just assholes. Just remember you can’t please everyone.
    Just please yourself.

  16. He obviously has too much time on his hands and is trying to make other people feel bad about themselves.

  17. Ok here’s my take on this. If I want to read the classics (or any other genre) I will and I do. But if I want to read something funny, lighthearted or ‘Mommy Porn’ that may or may not help in a 40 year marriage then hell be damned I will. So for you naysayers out there I say “take a flying f**k on a rolling donut” dickwads. At 60 yrs old I’ve earned the right to read what I want and have a potty mouth. Who are you to judge someone else.

  18. FUCK HIM! You guys are awesome! Keep doing what you do & never let haters get you down or hold you back.

  19. There will always be those so insecure they need to try and put down others to make themselves feel better.

    Pay them no mind.

    I LOVE your books and was so disappointed when you went off Amazon (their loss).

    Welcome back and keep writing.

  20. Alexis and Lana, Haters gonna hate, yes he’s messed up.
    You both are awesome and I missed y’all was also worried.
    I’m very happy you’re back and doing the indie thing without amazon.
    This is your business and it’s no ones place to say otherwise.
    People say hurtful things all the time. I gotta say whoever that idiot was is obviously got some psychological issues. Hopefully y’all don’t know him personally.
    Ladies ! So glad your back! Stay safe .

  21. Sounds like he’s just someone out for a little revenge. Somebody trying to damage your new venture but no worries. It’s only made us rally around you! Keep doing your thing and we’ll keep reading.
    You were both missed greatly when you were gone. I’m glad to have your emails to look forward to again.
    Don’t EVER give up your dreams!

  22. You should have printed that with the slimeball’s name included. Spineless e-bullies spew crap like that because they think that anonymity gives them power. Shine a light on it and watch the loser crawl back under his/her keyboard. Put a name to it and let them learn how it feels when responsible posters reply.

  23. Someone needs to get a life! How dare he speak for me and the other Angels….if we didn’t want to buy and read your books we wouldn’t. If we didn’t want to hear about your life we wouldn’t read your emails or blog. As a 65 year old widow I’ m living vicariously through you….?

    1. As a sixty six year old widow I also live vicariously through your exploits.The troll has obviously got “issues”.In other words he’s lacking in many areas.I missed you when there were no emails to look forward to or naughty books to read.How dare a man who does not know me dare to dictate to me what I can or can’t read.Is he a failed romance writer? Keep up the good work, don’t give up.

  24. Oh my gosh, what an A$$hat. He’s probably projecting onto ya’ll because he wouldn’t know how to handle a strong woman if she came with instructions. I applaud both of you for bouncing back and if the little man is so unsure of himself then maybe he needs to find his inner woman and get over himself. I’ve always thought that when someone has to tear down someone else they are overcompensating for their own shortcomings. As for your books, he obviously has no taste and would rather read about blood and guts and murder rather than a good book. I feel empowered in myself reading your books and NLs. Love ya’ll.

  25. I also think his name should be posted. I’d to be buying his books if this is his attitude towards other authors.

  26. What an ASSHOLE! I wants name and email. Then I want to Google his ass, see if I can find an image so that I can add it under “looser” in Wikpedia. He just tried to berate homemakers and he referred to me as a bitch??? I retired early from my professional life after my daughter was born with medical problems that needed my attention her first 18 months of her life. I now manage our household, all finances, and the children. Believe me there are some days that being a professional is a vacation compared to being a homemaker. This guy is a piece of work and is compensating for something that is underdeveloped, underused, unwanted, and unsuccessful.

    1. I agree with Reading Susan. Especially if he is another author, I want a name. A male author who call women ‘bitches’ and denigrates homemakers should be boycotted. He doesn’t deserve a penny from any women readers. His hate email sounded like a man threatened by women’s empowerment. And I do like hearing about your life!

      1. He doesn’t deserve anything from male readers either. Please post his name so I can pass by anything he’s written. What an asshat.

  27. Just a hater. We all missed you and couldn’t wait to have you back. Don’t let him pull you it Lana down. We love you both!!

  28. you should of put his name and e-mail address then people could have told him what a scumbag he is

  29. Okay so this guy is most definitely bitter and a male chauvinist! He seems to really be threatened by you and Lana’s success and the fact that you have a loyal base of reader’s. People that are like this in my opinion shouldn’t even be acknowledged. His views are hateful and he obviously has a problem with woman that are empowered. So my advice is to ignore this guy he’s only out for attention. Oh and tell Lana not to be sad over this there will always be people that want to rain on your parade especially if they’re jealous. XOXOX

  30. Don’t let this bother you this world has become so evil keep on doing y’all I enjoy y’all

  31. What a douche canoe! Please don’t listen to that crap. I absolutely missed you both. Love your books!! I own every one!

  32. Wow! I wish I knew why people just have to hate. You ladies just keep doing what you are doing. You make so many people happy. Look at everyone who was happy that you are back. Lana, people like this don’t deserve your time or attention. Be happy, life is too short for this type of negativity.

  33. First off- Lana I loved the first book and can’t wait for the next to see what happens with Skylar and Parker.
    Second: Just wow! People boggle the mind. Ignore him- he’s an ass. It’s not like you’re taking something from him by writing and publishing your own books, it’s bizarre behavior. I know lots of authors get pissy about shit that goes down on Amazon with ratings etc., but again not affecting this tool. Just remember there are plenty of us out here that do enjoy your books, news letters and blogs. He can suck it! Can’t wait to hear about prof.

  34. OH HELL NO!!!!!(sorry, the ghetto in me came out for a minute). Does this douchebag know how many followers y’all have?? How many of us angels waited for you to come back?? And how many downloads did Lana have??? Yeah.. that’s what I thought! And I,for one,love to hear about your life! Plz post his name so we can kick some ASS!!

  35. He’s just jealous. It’s sad when you have to deal with people like that, but we know that he’s just insecure and had to try to bring you down.

    Always remember that you and Lana have us. And…. Karma will bite him in the ass soon enough.

  36. Since he’s sour already, tell him to go suck a few more lemons…. 😉 but really he is an a**hole you don’t dis or hate on another’s way to pay the bills and make the money you need and want!! And it is even more rewarding because you guys get to do what he loves, he is probably stuck doing something he hates and therefore a complete a**hole and sourpuss!!! I love your guys books, I can never finish just one in a sitting, it’s usually at least two(okay okay maybe more, I will never tell LOL ?)!! P.S if he used his home computer you could totally have his IP address hacked and find out where he lives. And what happens, happens (kick the crap out of him)!!! WE WILL NEVER TELL!!! I love ❤️ ya girls keep going strong ?? And maybe a shopping trip is in order for you guys as well!!!

  37. Unfortunately, the First Amendment grants everyone freedom of speech, not just those with brains. I find your newsletters and blog entries entertaining and one of only two that I read consistently. Ignore the words of men who believe women only belong barefoot and in the kitchen and get your revenge by sticking to your principles and continuing on with your work. As you sell your books, you’ll have the last laugh.

  38. That is one nasty dude! Why would he post something like that. He will get his. Karma is a bitch!

  39. Question- Lana are you putting all the series together like a boss set or do I have to get each one separately? LMK Thanks

  40. Wow! He needs to go on somewhere else and leave you all alone! He had no right or reason to act that way and people can be mean. Ignore the fool and you all just keep doing your thing. ❤️❤️❤️

  41. I have 3 things to say to that ass wipe.
    1-f**k off.
    2-eat sh*t.

    You and Lana are awesome. Your books are extremely well written, and every time I finish one, I feel uplifted and empowered. On the night he was conceived, his parents would have done better by watching Johnny Carson Show. You and Lana keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading.

    Your angels have your back. Every single one of us are your bff’s.

  42. What a crock of sh*t! I agree with all the previous responses, he’s just a douche with nothing better to do with his time, you girls have PLENTY of people who love reading you, so don’t let this one man?(Can you even call someone like that a man? Feels like an insult to the many great men out there) get you down!

  43. OMG!!! Just when you and Lana are are back you have to listen to this a**h*le he’s the one with the problem obviously or he wouldn’t have written such a hateful letter. Ignore him he means nothing you have do many followers who enjoy your books he just jealous or extremely insecure about his manhood. You go girls your awsome so don’t let anyone pull you down. Can’t wait to hear about your date with the professor.

  44. What he is is ignorant! He must think this is the 1950s or some shit! Keep writing…and I’ll keep buying! Don’t let one stupid asshole get you down…yes not worth worrying about!!!

  45. Obviously this tool has been shutdown by women his entire life. Probably living with his parents and never had a woman. Never let the negativity and the trolls to imbed themselves in your life they are not worth it. Keep doing what you ladies do! Stay Strong!

  46. I want to buy your books.
    “He” is wrong, the indie world is better because you & Lana are back! I really missed you when your emails stopped and the evil empire took down your books (at least they didn’t pull them off our readers). Please don’t let an unhappy, silly boy upset you… Just hit the delete key … and keep on writing.

  47. What a dickhead, who is he to make judgments about what I want and what I want to read I love reading all of Lana’s and your books and I thank god you are both back. Don’t listen to the moron he doesn’t speck for me or any of us

  48. Guys like him are pueces of crap. They want the “little woman” to stay in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant or whatever and think only men count. Don’t take what he says to heart. You two do a wonderful job writing and entertaining the rest of us. He’s just jealous cause he’s not getting the attention. Keep up the good work.

  49. Stupid people say mean things to make themselves feel better. He probably has a sad life and is trying to boost himself up. Maybe he’s a wannabe author and hasn’t had any success?? But obviously, you and Lana have a great following, otherwise your server wouldn’t have crashed. Don’t let the opinion of one small-minded and likely jealous hater ruin your day. You both still have lots of fans who love your work.

  50. The nerve of some people a real class act….what an ass. He’s on your email list so he wanted to read the books, again what an ass. Does he not know women do not back down? We are a lot stronger then they give us credit for. Both of you keep writing and not let an ass soil what you have done. You are both strong women and have all of us backing you up. Yes you do empower women so chin up shoulders back stand tall you both deserve better then a meanie like him. I do look forward to reading about your date with the Professor ? Lov ya ♥️??

  51. Honestly, I think that a jealous woman wrote that message. Why would a male write a message about a woman being empowered to a female author? The way the whole message is worded smells like estrogen not testosterone. JMO.

    1. After reading recent Lana’s post on the blog, I think I may have been wrong about the author of that nasty message. It actually makes sense now.

  52. What a, pardon the expression, jackass. I wonder if he was part of, or the reason for, Amazon kicking y’alol off the site.

  53. He’s not just an a$$hole, he’s also a misogynistic douchecanoe and not worthy of your time and attention. Don’t let him get you down. “Go back to the kitchen??” Dude, go back to your cave.

  54. I think he’s jealous you are making it and don’t need amazon. You’ve barely had your site up a week and have loyal followers. Lana crashed the site so that should show you and him. Keep your heads up and out of the dirt where he is.

  55. Wow, can you ladies feel the jealousy in his letter? I definitely can. You’re success must bother him. Also, he must’ve read you books or at the very least your emails/blog to know that you give your TRUE FANS tidbits about your lives. He’s got a bit too much time invested in you and what you’re doing with your life. Not sure if he’s an author or bad fan, but his language is quite chauvinistic. Is he overcompensating for something he’s lacking? You ladies hang in there, he was definitely cruel, but again, he must really care to be spending all of that time & energy on you. You guys are great!

  56. Please don’t let someone as evil as this person get you down. Obviously, this person has an issue with erotica. I hate to be sexist but I believe it’s prob a male although I’ve seen vile words spew from females. Keep writing for those of us that need a break from our ‘real’ lives and also wish we had lives such as you & Alexis’s write about. Best wishes & I downloaded book #1.

  57. Holy Hell. What an ass. Who in the world does he think he is to tell me/you/us what we can or can not do. Or what we can or can not read. Obviously, he has no life or nothing better to do.I can tell you one thing ~~ I’d like to slap the crap out of him.
    So tell Lana to chill. He means absolutely NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. None of us listen to idiots like that cause we’re all big boys and girls and know exactly what we’re getting when we purchase from you.
    Take care ladies and keep up the good work. As my sweet mama use to say, all those negative asses can go “butt a stump”.

  58. What a douchecanoe! 1. He is obviously jealous 2. He isn’t a woman so he knows dick about what empowers women (pun intended ?) 3. He obviously doesn’t date because if he said that shit about getting in the kitchen to any woman she would kick his ass! So you keep doing you and killing it by the way, and haters can go on hating instead of spending their time not worrying about what other people do. Such a waste of happiness.

  59. Was It a guy who wrote that? If so he need not read anything you ladies write. What an ASS!

  60. He is probably still waiting at the front door for his paper and cocktail! Or better yet he is waiting for his book(s) to be as popular as your’s and Lana’s. Could be a classic case of jealousy pure and simple. You don’t get to be a USA Best Selling Author by not being able to string two sentences together. Don’t waste your time scuffy your Jimmy Choos on his balls.

    And think about it, 40K emails is pretty damn impressive. That is a hell of lot of followers for a woman who can write for shit!

  61. Girls, please don’t give this person any importance. As human beings we’ll always have people that dislike us and will choose our top moment to show their ugly face! But be sure that the amount of us that missed you A LOOOOOOOOOT is infinitely bigger ! ????

  62. Don’t let this idiot upset you. You know the truth.You know how much your readers missed you when you were gone and how happy we were when you returned.You are a best selling author.No one can take that away from you. He is obviously jealous.

  63. I have no idea what to say, I am speechless.
    If he doesn’t like your blog and books why read them, because obviously he has,otherwise why comment at all.
    It’s a bit pathetic really, he needs to go and get a life and fuck off. No-one needs his negative Bullshit and that is all he is Full of Shit.
    Give my love to Lana, and I totally agree don’t ever back down, just keep on being yourself and doing what your doing. He has No relevance in your lives. NONE.
    Take care sending all my love

  64. Ok so this guy is a real a..hole, and he sounds like he is stuck in 1950. He is the one with the problem and sounds like he’s a bitter person. Don’t let him get either you or Lana down. He sounds like he is a failure from his comments not you guys.
    Here’s what you both need to remember the thousands and thousands of emails that you guys got about how much we missed you should be a clue how your fans felt. The other thing Lana should take away as well as yourself is the number of free downloads that happened yesterday that caused your server to crash.
    I can’t speak for everyone but I know I do enjoy hearing about your lives and look forward to reading your daily newsletters. I find myself checking my inbox numerous times until I see your email arrive and I will scroll down to it or Lana’s just so I can find out what happened next. Don’t worry about that jerk you guys will continue to get the support from your readers which is the best possible revenge and statement the guy could get. I know you both a strong independent women he doesn’t deserve any more of your consideration.

  65. Yeah – he’s obviously deficient in something…!!! ??
    Get your oldest Louboutins out & get ‘em ready for a good ass kicking!
    Love all the comments – you guys are loved ❤️!

  66. He’s just upset that his wife gets HOT reading your books and he can’t make her happy

    1. LOL! More likely he’s too chicken to try some of the stuff he reads. Or he’s in need of intense guidance to try satisfying a woman (picturing him trying to figure out how to use the cock ring and vibrator his gf bought him, because they didn’t come with illustrated instructions).

  67. Alexis and Lana, I am just so glad and happy that you are back I can hardly stand it. Please don’t let that individual, who is so negative, stop you from sharing your books with us. I am 69 and in January will be 70. I really enjoy your books and would be very sad if you let the awful comments made by this sick individual stop you.

  68. Wowza! Is he freakin 7, because he sounds like one of my 2nd graders. Jealousy fears they ugly head! Call him a waa-bulance and his mommy. Someone needs to worry about himself and put on his big boy panties and suck it up. What a whiner!

  69. Alexis and Lana please keep writing the great stories. I have enjoyed the stories I have read by you so far. To me it sounds like that person is just jealous that you can write stories and that person cannot. Just remember that there are jealous people in the world who do nothing and expect someone else to pay their way in the world. I wish I could write a story. I have all kind of ideas but no words come to mind to write down.

  70. This may be completely cynical, but could this be Winebar jealous because you went on a date? Or Laba’s (ex?) hubby? (I’m assuming from the vague hint in Lana’s first blog post back that she’s having relationship problems & I know she’s said he writes, too).
    Whoever this is needs to STFU & leave us Angels alone!! We live you 2 & are so glad you’re back!! He can take a flying leap!!!

  71. He’s just jealous of the 12 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch…Oh did I say that out loud. My bad. Just keep being you and let karma get him. Love both of your works.

  72. Wow..guess his mommy must have not loved him enough! Ignore the jerk and no don’t post his name that gives him credit…he doesn’t deserve it. If you and Lana are so bad how come you sell so many books? Yeah he loses!!

  73. It’s not from the boss of Amazon is it?!?!

  74. Someone is really jealous that you are back. No one wants to read and buy your books? No one wants to read about your life? Explain the thousands of emails you receive and the popularity of your books and newsletter. I was very sad when you disappeared and the newsletters stopped for months.
    This guy must be lacking something. Probably can’t satisfy a woman and has to lash out. I feel sorry for him.
    I am very happy you are back. Keep us updated on everything. I enjoy reading about your dating adventures. I need your books to satisfy my smut cravings and forget about my very stressful life for a few hours.
    And what is the deal with Amazon? Why are so many authors banned lately? I don’t get it. They are just hurting their own business.

  75. You guys just need to ignore idiots like this and keep doing what you do best which is writing some of the best books I have read in a long time you and Lana are 2 of my favorite authors to read and I can’t wait to read Lana’s new series. Have faith we are all here for you guys no matter what

  76. Name & shame, I want to be sure I never support him! Stupid is as stupid does.

  77. The thing I find sad about this whole thing is that he felt it necessary to spend his time even writing this crap! I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around and the universe will provide what you need and when (whether you like it or not!) – this guy totally needs to find something better to do with his life! It’s not about empowering women, it’s not about the #metoo movement or even women’s rights…it’s quite simple one guy who, sadly feels the need to belittle people so he can feel good about himself. I get that people want you to name and shame but that would then make us no better than him and quite frankly, if this is what he honestly believes ladies, then he has FAR more problems than this email and the hate he is spreading.

    Alexis and Lana – you have weathered storms that right now are still fresh and hurtful. As with many of us who struggle (guys and girls alike!), we pick ourselves back up, brush ourselves down and kick some ass, building ourselves back up to be even more awesome than ever. The time will pass when hateful words such as this e-mailer sent hurt and anger you and will instead make you giggle and shrug it off but for now, hold your heads high, take comfort in those who only wish you good and love one another as best you can. Spread that love around and that will make you SO much better than any hate mail ever sent!

  78. He’s just jealous of you and I bet he has a small penis and is overcompensating. Don’t listen to a word that he says. You guys are great and I’m so glad you are back. The world is full of haters but that does not mean we have to give them the power over us!! Stand tall and show this asshole how great you and Lana are?

  79. Lots of love and hugs!! When the new newsletter showed up in my inbox, I literally squealed! I have a hard time remembering what characters go with what book sometimes, but I remember stories and 100 Days is one of my all time favs!! You write…I’ll read…need reviewers…I’m there.

  80. I have a friend that uses one word when a man says something so stupid that it is meaningless Penis enough said

  81. #1) Alexis,my birthday and Christmas present came early when your letters started back up. I too thought I had unsubscribed somehow…so I subscribed now I get duplicates..but am NOT changing a thing
    #2) Must get added to Lana’s emails
    #3) You too are way too SMART and TALENTED to fall for A$$HAT ARCHIE’s bullshit word vomit.
    #4) The best response (for you two) is no response; however as loyal Naughty Angelites, you should provide us with the person, one of us can track them down,so that we Do Not waste our money to this tool.
    #5) My first thought was maybe Winebar, but I doubt he would do that himself.
    #6) Initially, I was a fan of Winebar, unfortunately I saw the pattern of disrespect and self importance he portrays. YOU, ALEXIS are TOO FINE OF A WINE FOR HIS BAR.

  82. Hi first and foremost,yours and lanas books are very good, together you make a strong and very good combination, keep it going ok. As for the “Nast Number”the more angels keep talking about him/her the more he/she gets off on it, why give them the time of day. Let the get there five minutes of airtime someplace else, they sure as hell have not put me off reading your books ?

  83. I’m so glad you’re both back. Love to read about you girls. Don’t listen to the negativity. You have all the support from us positive people. ?

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