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Ok so if everyone is sharing New Year’s Eve stories…

So I don’t normally share as much as the other authors, but during our company meeting today Alexis basically wouldn’t stop until I agreed to share my New Years Eve story which I had recounted to her yesterday when she and Lana were trying to figure out what they did.

“You’re an angel now, babe,” she said to me. “You need to be comfortable with the other angels. We’re all a big family.”

Well…I don’t know that I would tell my biological family this story, but my smut family I can see would get a kick out of this.

So for New Year’s Eve, I went out with three of my girlfriends to dinner at a seafood restaurant. Afterwards we went to a sports bar that we normally go to at the end of the week. They had a New Years Eve special where it was open bar and champagne toast at midnight.

One of my friends also invited three other guy friends and they met us at the bar. Right off the bat, I am attracted to two of the guys.

Angels, I am dressed to kill at this point. I have my Michael Kors heels and I even showered (joking…or am I?)

I spend some time talking to Guy #1 as we have drinks and then I talk to Guy #2 and then both at the same time. The attraction is palpable with both and my friends notice.

“Which one do you like the best?” my friend asks me and I can’t answer.

Guy #1 goes outside to vape and so I’m talking to Guy #2 and after a bit I go to the restroom because I have a small bladder and the seal has broken. He follows to make sure everything is okay since its crowded and he waits for me outside the restroom.

When I get out, he’s waiting outside in the hallway and I smile at him. I’m totally feeling him. He smiles back and we just kiss. He’s a great kisser. I spend maybe ten minutes making out with him before he decides to go to the restroom and I head to the bar.

But Guy #2 is back and he’s laying it on strong. See…Guy #2 is strong and muscular and great looking. Guy #1 is also good looking but he’s smart and funny and he’s not in bad shape but he’s just impressive. Time stops with both guys. Before I know it I’m outside the bar with Guy #1 and I’m making out with him.

When we head back, there’s some awkwardness because Guy #2 saw Guy #1 and me come back in. This is where I tell the guys what I do for a living. I show them the cover of some of my books (they haven’t gone on sale yet) and they’re suitably impressed.

I spend the rest of the evening talking to both guys and now they’re intimidated.

“Do you normally date two guys at once?” they ask.

“Maybe,” I reply because I really haven’t ever but Alexis has just gone on and on about her threesome MFM and I figure I’ve lived through her (haven’t we all?)

“Do they know?” they ask.

“They’re usually best friends,” I reply. Okay now we’re talking about book boyfriends. But whatever.

It’s 11:59 and we begin our countdown.

It’s midnight and I kiss both guys together. I don’t know if their tongues touched but both of them grabbed me and I grabbed both of them. One guy was squeezing my ass. The other guy began to rub my tits. People stopped and watched us till we broke embrace.

We didn’t go home that night because right at moment my friend who had organized the whole thing threw up from drinking too much. Way to ring in the New Year, huh? Anyways, I took her home because she was visiting me and had flown in for NYE.

I got phone numbers. Alexis has been telling me for 24 hours to call them. But I don’t know.

Anyways, that’s my story! Let me know what you think.

18 thoughts on “Ok so if everyone is sharing New Year’s Eve stories…

  1. I say call. You only live once and hey they are interested. Keep us posted if you do 🙂

  2. Call!!! Everyone should experience it at least once?

  3. By all means call. Glad you had a good time too. Happy New year to all.

  4. Oh yeah, definitely call. It’ll be so much easier than Alexis’ because they already have the ménage in mind. ?

  5. I agree with the other Angels and Alexis! I say call them.

    I’m married now and probably have no chance of a threesome. But I wish I had!

    And thank you for sharing. ?

  6. Definitely call. It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

  7. Call them! I can’t wait to hear all about the experience/s. (& again & again & again….)?

  8. Call them you only live once and we all live vicariously through you sexcapades it was great start to a fun evening that got interrupted see where it goes be brave. “CALLLL”

  9. Well, if you don’t call, you’ll never know. Life is too short for what if’s!
    If by chance one or both has second thoughts (I’m guessing they were both drinking, too, no problem. You can’t say you didn’t try!
    Go for it!

  10. Definitely call and set something up that the three of you can do and maybe it will lead to some fun in the bedroom! It can get a little awkward but don’t be afraid to laugh! :0)

  11. Whatever you are comfortable with and feel safe doing, then go for it. What the heck, give them a call and see where it goes 🙂

  12. Call!

  13. I think you should call them ASAP.

  14. i say call. what have you got to loose 🙂

  15. Call! Please!! And let us know! You don’t want time to go by and wonder “what if” or regret not having done it.

  16. Call them!!!!!!!!

  17. I’d say don’t pass up such a good opportunity. Both men are obviously gentlemen so call them if you felt comfortable with them enough to kiss both of them at once.

    I’m so very sorry about how your friend rung in 2019 though!

  18. I agree with everyone. Call.

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