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Ok so I might be too popular for my own good…

And no, I don’t mean dudes. Or the Dude. Or whatever.

I mean the most important thing. With you angels.

You wanna know what happened when I sent out the notice that I had released a book as straight Alexis Angel?

So many people clicked the book link on the newsletter that the server was like OMG this is an attack! Shut down and protect yourself and all the information! And the server basically shut the fuck down.

So I got on the phone with server people that run the internets and they’re like yeah you have too many people coming to your site and the server shut down.

Basically my book broke my store lol. That feels so fucking amazing babes. Like Lana did that with Dirty Brother and I was like oh my god that’s amazing but now I did it.

So I guess we have to upgrade the server. Again. Which we’re doing tonight. I went out with some sorority sisters and we had some drinks and now I’m home (no guy, I need to clean my apartment before Lana moves in in a few days) and I’m gonna call and upgrade the server.

Altho I’m sorta drunk so maybe we won’t have a store left by the time I’m done lol. I’m just kidding I swear I only had five cosmos.

Anyways, I know I’m not drunk because when I am I usually write dirty sex or have dirty sex or do something slutty. Anyways, right now I’m in fluffy PJs and with my computer so I don’t think there’s anything slutty about that.

But the server, right? Like how crazy is that.

I know a lot of people clicked and couldn’t get to the site so I’m gonna make amends for that. And I’m gonna do it like this:

Use coupon code: SERVER

And get the following books for 99 cents!!!

Those books are:

Man Chaser
Cunning Linguist

That’s $12 dollars worth of books for $3.96

That’s like a 67% discount if you get all four. And of course any other promotions that are going on apply!!!

Tomorrow I’m gonna finally talk about the Dude and IT Guy and the time we spent together. I think it’s gonna be pretty interesting.

I’m also gonna be working on the server and flirting with tech support from my hosting company. It’s hilarious because I do it on chat and I say sexy things and they’re like uhm what lol. anyways, that’s what happens with cosmos I guess.

Ok angels lets put this server to the test lol

Oh more surprises coming. A new author is coming to the store!

6 thoughts on “Ok so I might be too popular for my own good…

  1. Glad you girls are back and doing so well!! You definitely came back with a bang. Love reading what’s going on in both your lives

  2. You are one hot mess lady and that’s a good thing 🙂 Thanks for the deal on the four books today and I am so thrilled for you and Lana that the store is working out so well. Love reading the blogs and I’m looking forward to many more of my author friends joining the Naught Angels Publishing family. As long as I can still get yours and Lana’s books on my Kindle, I can hold off buying another e-book. Although, since I have around 200 books piled up for reading, I might have to buy another one soon or run out of room… Hope ya’ll have a great day.

    1. lol a hot mess. I like those

  3. OH MAN!!!! So many great deals!!!!!
    I’m supposed to be packing to move right now but….packing supplies or books?..books or packing supplies?… see my dilemma?? I’m in trouble lol. No one tell my husband ?

    1. I always have this dilemma between books and bills and books almost always win. Buy the books at 2 different times so it doesn’t look as if you spent much and old hubby won’t mind. At least mine doesn’t. He barely even notices. lol

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