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Ok so I called them on Monday!

So I had told my newsletter that I had called Guy 1 and Guy 2 from New Years Eve but I hadn’t mentioned anything because 1) It’s really hard to get a open slot between all our authors to post on the blog and 2) I didn’t know if anything would happen so what point in raising peoples hopes.

So I called them both and asked each of them separately if they wanted to hang out and get drinks at my place. I rent a one bedroom apartment and there wasn’t any doubt when I said come over for drinks to my place to each of them that they had any doubt that sex would happen. I mean…I didn’t even say let me cook dinner for you. It was come over to my place and have drinks.

So Guy 2 showed up first and we have a drink to lighten the mood. He’s flirting with me and I’m enjoying it and we talk about New Years Eve and I mention that I’m also interested in Guy 1 and I tell him some of the things that Guy 1 and I did. Bear in mind, I’m telling this to him as I’m rubbing his cock through his jeans. And he’s getting hard.

We’ve made out a little bit at this point. And now I’m waiting for Guy 1 to show up. But I’m starting to get really horny because Guy 2 has a decent cock and I’m thinking okay what about an appetizer before I do anything.

Now this is my brain at this point. I’m thinking if Guy 1 comes over and sees that I’m already fucking Guy 2 then the mood will be ruined. Besides I want to be sophisticated and classy and an elegant slut like Alexis.

So I’m holding out. But I told Guy 1 and Guy 2 to show up at 7 pm. It’s now 7:59 and Guy 1 hasn’t shown up yet.

That’s when I get a text.

“Got caught up at work. Going to be a long night. Thought I’d be able to make it but can’t. Sorry!”

Ok. So Guy 1 is out of the picture for tonight. But momma needs some loving.

It’s amazing how quickly my clothes evaporated. It’s amazing how quickly Guy 2 had his clothes ripped off.

He bent me over the window sill and fucked the shit out of me. He was wearing a condom and then he came into it. I wanted to do something I’ve written about and read so I grabbed the condom.
And I put it into a martini glass. Sure, the glass had been earmarked for Guy 1’s drink but now it had Guy 2’s cum in it. Then I swirled in some club soda and took a sip.

All of a sudden Guy 2 is ready to go again. Gee. I wonder why.

This time I rode him for a while till I came twice.

We went another round and then we fell asleep.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what happened next!

And in the meantime, check out my release!

8 thoughts on “Ok so I called them on Monday!

  1. Holy cow Daphne. Sounds really hot and I know the Max Bid books will be just as hot so I got all of them 🙂

    Hope Guy 1 shows next time and see where you can take both of them for a ride.

  2. Oh Daphne…. go for it lucky gal 👍

  3. Dammmmmmmn. Lucky. Sounds like soo much fun. Whoop!

  4. How are you guys finding guys who can go more than 1 x????? Am I doing something wrong or does that stuff stop in your 30’s and 40’s? Or is it once we got married he no longer felt he needed to keep it up in the bedroom????

  5. Merciful heavens!
    Why are you ladies even making up fiction, when all you need to do is transcribe your real life activities?😸
    Please, please, please make sure you get Guy 1’s story into the blog.

  6. That is seriously hot. Guy 1’s loss but when you want it & there’s a perfectly hot other option, why wouldn’t you, lol.

    On another note, where can I subscribe to your newsletter? I feel I’m definitely missing out on more juicy details 😜

  7. I live to read about you guys sexcapades. Why you ask?? I have no life!!! But, when I grow up I want to be like you guys.

  8. I second Cat H’s idea. Heck, keep a journal and simply go from there writing each story. Just add the drama etc. I thought my hubster was always up for a good time, I think Guy 2 bested him.

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