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Oh wow. Last night was out of a book…

So today is my day for blog posting and it couldn’t have come at a better day!
I went out partying with Alexis and Lana yesterday after arriving at the ass crack of dawn.
We started having drinks casually at around noon. Nothing major.
But by the end of the night, which was early this morning I knew that we were going to be friends forever.
Let me just preface this by saying that I needed a night like this. I’ve just recently had a marriage end with no contest from both sides and a voluntary payment from Hot Doctor so I arrived and said hello to Alexis as a single girl.
And boy…did I not realize what that entailed.
So the guys known as Gym Bros…well they hired a limo for the evening for us.
We spent a lot of the day drinking and getting ready. Nothing like doing your makeup with a cosmo in your hand. But I guess that’s how Alexis rolls.
I had brought clothes but I’ve been told that shopping is in the future. Just not the first night.
Because the first night we had a mission. Get laid.
So Gym Dude and Gym Rat are the names that Alexis has given these two guys. First off…they’re freakin’ gorgeous.
I swear my jaw hit the floor when I saw the both of them at the door. We had just had some dinner – Alexis made sure we ate since we’d been drinking already and more alcohol was coming.
Let me also interject here at no point did either of us black out or do anything we would have said no to had we been sober. We kind of just drank to celebrate but we were just loosened up – not making horrible decisions.

So Gym Bros pick us up. Lana is looking hot. And we go to a bar. Lana isn’t gonna mention this but I think she got approached by 7 different guys in one hour. She was polite but shooting them down. I asked her why and she actually has a specific type of guy she’s looking for that hadn’t come yet. If I had to guess, I’d say he would need to be more cerebral.

“So you take Gym Dude and I’ll take Gym Rat,” Alexis said to me at one point. “Or do you want to switch.”
I proposed we just let them pick and see who they end up with.
Sure enough Gym Dude was all over me. I think he smelled the horny in my breath of something. But by the time we went to another bar where a Cerebral Man started talking to Lana and Gym Rat and Alexis started making out and dancing I had my hands in Gyn Dude’s pants (very secretively!) and was feeling his dick.

It’s a pretty good size. I can’t complain. And so after a few more drinks we notice that it’s 1:30 am.

Gym Bros suggest we go back to our place but Lana had an early morning appointment in the morning with her editor so they offer to drop Lana off. (More on what she did later!)

We agree and Lana gets dropped off home and we go to the apartment of Gym Bros.

Now…Gym Bros have a one bedroom. This blew my mind.

Alexis has a three bedroom apartment. These two grown men (aged 26 and 27) have two double beds very very close together in one bedroom and a kitchen and a living room and a bathroom. Talk about high rents. This is all they could afford at first when they moved in and they never moved out. I’d say its two feet between the beds.

I’m a bit awkward about spending the night here. But then Gym Dude starts to kiss me and I look over and Alexis is already getting out of her dress.

Fine. They’ll turn off the lights and it’ll be like The Real World on MTV right?

They never turn off the light.

Now Alexis and Gym Rat are starting to get pretty hot and heavy and the first thing I can say is “Oh my God. Is that La Perla?”

And that makes her laugh. And me laugh. And we laugh for a while. And now I’m not feeling awkward. I’m actually getting pretty turned on watching Gym Rat paw at her. So much so that I pull Gym Dude to me and start to run my hands on his body.

He’s got my dress off in a matter of minutes and I’m naked before I know it, on my back as he starts to go down on me.

“Ooooh, do that,” Alexis says to Gym Rat and she gets on her back and points to me. Gym Rat complies.

“What is this?” Gym Dude says. “Synchronized fucking?”

Alexis and I look at each other and giggle. And we say yes. And so for the next however long we try to syncrhonize our sexcapades.

We’re blowing them at the same time. We’re on all fours at the same time.

It was so insanely hot. I must have cum a whole bunch just looking over at Gym Rat and her.

There was only two feet separating us, remember?

So the piece that really made it crazy is towards the end…Alexis reaches over and I lean forward and we kiss.

And both Gym Rat and Gym Dude cum at the same time.

I passed out afterwards and Alexis woke me around 7 am. The guys got up and saw us off and I came home and fell asleep but what a way to start a trip!

Who knows what happens next.

Has this happened to anybody? Tell me your thoughts. Did I go too far? Is it too crazy? How is this my life? And…thank you ALEXIS!!

10 thoughts on “Oh wow. Last night was out of a book…

  1. No you did not go to far.
    If you enjoyed yourself why not.
    Make the most of your time and be happy.

    1. Girl, you had a great experience with Alexis and the Gym Bros. Revel in it!!

  2. I don’t think you went too far. You’re a single woman, Alexis is a single woman and the Gym Brothers are obviously single men so go for it. I remember the day when that could have been considered a calm night, not telling any stories 🙂 Hope ya’ll get some rest so you can hit the stores because I know Alexis really loves shopping. Welcome to the best little group around (not so little anymore).

  3. As long as you are comfortable and no one gets hurt, you should do what makes you happy. I’m glad your first night was fun.

  4. YES!!! I am vicariously living through you all. Your stories make my day! Nothing went to far as long you all are OK with it. Newly single and moving right along. What an awesome night. Now I just need to know what went on with Lana!

  5. Damn! Can I come visit?! I’ve had quite a few one night stands and I’ve also had sex with other people in the room. I think it was awesome that you were able to just let loose and have fun!! Just keep sharing so I can live vicariously through you!! Your independence is definitely something to celebrate!!

  6. You go girls. I think your both legends in my book.😻

  7. I love your stories, they’re so damn amazing❤️ You make my day. If I could I’d be doing the same thing. I think you’re all hot and sexy🔥

  8. Rock the fuck on!!!! Tandem fucking is so hot lol! There is no going to far. At least you already knew gym Doode was a good lay cuz Alexis had him already! I would say if it happens again switch partners so you could say you’ve had a variety of doodes to fuck! I hope there are more stories to cum! I can’t wait to hear what miss Lana has to say. Love ya girls

  9. I would love to hear The Gym Dudes POV!!! Can you ask them?

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