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Oh. My. God.

So yesterday was my date with IT Guy. He was super fucking respectful when I was trying to hit on him and I found out it was because he thought I was still together with WineBar.
So I was like okay if he was that respectful it’s going to be a low maintenance date. I don’t really need to do much to prepare. Just go as is. We’ll probably go somewhere quiet and have a conversation and maybe he’ll hold my hand and that’s the farthest he’s gonna go because he might be a bit mild mannered.

Fuck. Was I wrong.

Angels, I’m just now getting the strength to sit up in my chair.

So, I decided to wear something pretty. I actually didn’t get my hair done but I straightened it and I did my makeup.

And I met him at Bourbon & Branch.

“You wanna drink?” he asked me and I happily nodded my head. We got some really strong drinks and I’m like meh I’m out having a good time. We talked and talked and talked and talked and each time I ordered another drink.

Dinner was somewhere fun. We went to Sens and had more cocktails. I’m like okay I’m drinking so I’m gonna load up on carbs so I had the potato gnocchi and I’m scarfing it down but we share a bottle of wine and then we go to get more drinks at this bar. Somewhere along the way in the back of the Uber I’m making out with him and my hands are in his pants and when we get to the bar he’s like a perfect gentleman and he’s helping me.

We meet some of his friends and they order bottle service. It’s vodka. So I’m drinking now and I’m dancing and we’re dancing together all of a sudden. I’m grinding against him and we’re getting pretty heated and he’s feeling me up.

We go outside for a walk because I’m sweating and we make out some more.

It’s 2 am and we all decide to go to his friends house in Russian Hill and more booze is had by everyone. I’m drunk. I’m giggling into IT Guy’s neck and I’m clinging onto him. The world is spinning but then we eat Carl’s Jr because I am so drunk and I eat half a burger and I’m stuffed. Then for some reason I help IT Guy eat his burger too even though my burger is sitting right there and it was the same one. Whatever.

“I’m just gonna make sure you’re alright,” he tells me afterwards at my door. I’m dragging him to my bed but he doesn’t get in.

“Take off your clothes,” I tell him all super tipsy and he’s like “I’m not gonna fuck you for the first time when you’re wasted, Alexis.”

And I’m like awwww.

But my hand eye coordination is like shot to hell and I’m like okay then unzip me.

Then I’m like “take off my bra, it’s hard.”

That’s the extent to my ability to seduce. I don’t think he even got a look because I plopped onto the bed.

“Come here,” I say to him and he kisses me and it’s so nice and then he gets up.

“I’ll check on you tomorrow,” he tells me and I’m like whoa he just passed up sloppy drunk sex and then I pass out as soon as he goes out the front door.

I must have passed out at like 6 am. I woke up at 5 pm. I wasn’t human till like just recently.

Poor Lana. We were supposed to write chapters today. She did hers but now I’m behind.

IT Guy called twice but I was dead to the world apparently. I’ll see him tomorrow when I’m back to normal. We’re supposed to have lunch.

But whew. Talk about a whirlwind huh?

21 thoughts on “Oh. My. God.

  1. OMG!! Such a gentleman! Glad he was there to escort you home! Also glad you didn’t have drunk sex with him as you might not have remembered your ‘first time’ together….? I hope that it’ll be worth the wait!!

    1. I know! I’m really lucking to be dating I think

  2. What a gentleman.

  3. I agree with Heather, you want to be able to remember it (hopefully it will be worth remembering).
    I know he called a couple of times but were you able to crawl out of bed & let him know you survived? Lol
    Thinking the professor will need to up his game for his next date to surpass IT guy, this should be interesting.
    Good luck ?

    1. I’m actually glad after the fact he didn’t try anything you know?

  4. Wow!!! He does sound like a keeper, fingers crossed. I love it when a guy is respectful no matter how drunk and willing you are to walk out the door. Sounds like you had a blast, I hope so.

    1. Sounds like a most excellent date. See there are still some good ones out there! Enjoy!

    2. Ya but right now after WineBar I kinda wanna just have fun. Don’t know if I wanna go into a relationship immediately. Maybe casual dating?

  5. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh i love IT guy he sounds very respectful and awesome!!! Way BETTER THEN whatever douche bags name is whatbar!?! Anyways I vote for IT guy so the way and he loves rite next to u!!! WTH Alexis!!! At least he isn’t going to be pissed off for being drunk in front of friends!! More stories of him please!!?!

  6. Wow! Love the fact that he was respectful! Winebar who? This guy could be “the one”!?!

  7. I think I am in love with him too.. Lol.. He is such a sweetie chivalry isn’t dead after all. So glad he took care of you, I can’t believe you drunk all that alcohol. ONE Glass of wine and I am drunk, I can’t drink at all. Glad you are feeling human again, have a nice lunch with I.T Guy,
    I absolutely love your stories,reading your blog each day is the highlight of my day.. Lol.. Yes I lead a pretty sheltered life.
    Take care Alexis. Xx

    1. He’s also very courteous and punctual lol

  8. So glad IT guy was a gentleman and wanted to wait till you weren’t drunk to have sex. I’m liking him more and more. I’m still intrigued by the Professor too!!

  9. LMAO… this is like this song called “Drunk Girl” by Chris Janson. Minus the life, you threw on the floor part.

    1. I’, gonna listen to that

  10. Reminds of the country song ‘Drunk Girl’ by Chris Janson. IT guy sounds like a respectable man.

  11. Wow….My kinda guy. Sounds very promising. I can’t wait for your next date

  12. So now I am craving a famous star from Carl’s Jr and we don’t have any on this state. #jealous of more than one thing. Lol

  13. He’s a gentleman so sweet. He sounds super cool. It’ll be worth the wait when it does happen

    1. Ya for sure. I’m gonna try and bang him this weekend

  14. See look at that everyone seems to be in love with IT guy which is awesome for u. Especially since he lives rite next door! Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy ur travels back, be safe and break something on ur computer so IT guy can come fix it in ur home or his with our any alcohol and a good afternoon fuck!! Love ya babe!!!

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