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Officer Sexy!

Hey Angels!

Wooohooo! I finally get a chance to post on the blog!
Anyways, a lot has been going on.
First of all…I’m out of my marriage!
That’s right! Everything got handled super fast. I was so impressed. Not only did HotDoctor feel bad about leaving me on Christmas but he took care of everything. I keep the house we moved into, which he takes care of. And it’s being AirBnB’d out right now so it pays for me to hang out with Alexis and Lana.
So I found this out Monday morning.
Daphne and I had started working to finalize Double Gamed – which we had started back in June and then put to the side – when our Amazon accounts vanished. We were like okay lets pick this back up.
So the company meeting went something like this on Monday morning:

Alexis: Okay ladies so AngelAccess is doing great and we need to think about what we’re doing for exclusive content there for true fans.
Daphne: Yeah we need to all pitch in for books that are exclusive to AngelAccess
Lana: I agree.
Paige: Well, the infrastructure for AngelAccess can support a wide variety of things. I think the first–
Natalie: OH MY GOD!
Everyone: What?
Natalie: I’m a free woman!

(By the way, I was opening mail during the company meeting. It’s Alexis’ job to get coffee, Lana gets the snacks, Paige gets the communications stuff ready, Daphne takes notes, Liz follows up with us during the week, and Sophie, Hannah and Callie are gonna have other tasks. We meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).

Everyone: OMG! Congratulations!
Natalie: I wanna celebrate!

(At this point I’m dancing around and jumping up and down)

So the company meeting descended into chaos at that point, which it usually does at least once a week. Most of the time it’s the fault of either Alexis or Daphne who try to tell sex stories. One time we all had to take a break to go masturbate (I kid you not) because Liz found something really dirty on pornhub to show us and it was so hot we basically all said, “Yeah, meeting adjourned”.

So Lana and Alexis and I decided to go out last night. This was probably the most irresponsible thing to because Daphne and I still hadn’t come up with a blurb.

But we went out anyways.

We went to this really divey bar. It had like peanut shells on the floor and a mechanical bull.

Now everyone thinks I’m this crazy party girl, but I gotta tell you….Lana is really the crazy one. She was doing shots of tequila and ended up getting on the bull.

After a bit, we were pretty buzzed. Truth is we were pretty drunk. So we decided to head out. Lana in the meantime is going around and tapping dudes on the nose and going “boop” and acting cute. Alexis is talking to some dude and doing her thing. And I’m drinking and feeling free.

We get out of the bar and we’re singing. Like actual singing. It’s not any good. But we’re having fun.

That’s when we see Officer Sexy.

And I’m going to stop it there for today, because what happened next with Officer Sexy is worth a post by itself!

If you liked The Other Brother or any of the Hangover series, then this book is gonna have you laughing out loud so much!

I’ll post excerpts from it later, but also….this is the first book where IT Guy designed a way to Look Inside. Like on Amazon. You can actually see a sample! I swear Alexis needs to marry that dude so he can work more on the store. She grabs his dick whenever she’s around him even if other people are too. But I guess its okay because he grabs her ass like everywhere. Nevertheless, this book is hilarious and also super fucking dirty. You should check it out!


2 thoughts on “Officer Sexy!

  1. You’re a tease, Natalie! Tell us more about Officer Sexy!
    And haha maybe Alexis thinks my panties are hers because well, umm, grinding on that bull felt good haha #sticky

  2. I’m with Lana, tell us more. Alexis has influenced you into becoming a tease about giving information I think….lol. Should I say congratulations to a divorce? Probably not, but I’m sure glad you got something out of the relationship besides heartache. Maybe HotDoctor is beginning to realize just what he lost.

    I got my copy of Double Gamed and I love AngelAccess. I look forward to seeing just where ya’ll take us with this.

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