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Note From Vegas #1

Hey Angels!
We’re on Day Three of Vegas! If you didn’t realize, the store had a bit of a hiccup. We had to sit down and figure out what was going on. But I was like okay this is something I can figure out so I told Lana to take the girls and go to Canyon Ranch Spa for the day.
So while Lana and the girls went to the spa I called IT Guy and explained the problem that the store was having and he was like okay go enjoy Vegas and I’ll take care of it.

But you know what?

I was very happy to stay on the phone with him as he was fixing it.

I mean I dunno how much help I was giving him because he was like doing most of the work. I was helping by trying to stay silent for the most part to let him focus.

But then like I made a small joke. I think it was like just more silly but he stopped and I could practically see him cock his head to the side the way he does and he laughed. Not some enormous chuckle but it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. It was something I don’t remember feeling for a long time but like I closed my eyes and listened to him.

In a few hours the whole thing was fixed and he was like okay go send out this email to the affected customers and I was like okay then what? And he was like that’s it. We’re done.


I had somehow lost track of time because I was just happy hanging out with him.

I mean lets just think of this. I’m in Vegas and there’s a chance to go to a spa and I’m totally happy just hanging out in the suite just talking to IT Guy.

So long story short, IT Guy somehow like flipped a switch in my heart and now I’m all ooey gooey whenever I think of him.

Which is a bit alarming because I was planning on having lots of dirty sex this week in Vegas. Like sinful dirty sex.

So I asked Hannah after they got out of the spa and I was like omg babe what should I do? And Hannah thought for a minute and was like hmm why don’t you have like a big hurrah and go off the market in a big way and then go talk to IT Guy and see what he’s thinking. Because you don’t even know if he’s like into you and wants more than what you guys got going on right now.

“You think if we get the chance to do something dirty I should do it then?” I asked her.

“Well your not in a relationship yet, are you?” Hannah asked. “You just need to enjoy yourself and if its something that’s not working out for you at the end of the day, then that’s when you need to figure things out.”

What do you think Angels?

Anyways we have more dispatches from Vegas coming. We are off to a Stripping 101 class with all the gals now.

Talk soon Angels.

30 thoughts on “Note From Vegas #1

  1. I tend to agree with Hannah. You aren’t in a committed relationship right now with IT Guy or anyone else so totally enjoy yourself in Vegas and when you get home you can sit down face to face and find out where IT Guy wants to go with the relationship or if he’s satisfied with hooking up but doesn’t want exclusivity at this point.

    1. Talk to him.

  2. I am the opposite. I would say if you have these feelings, then stay true to IT guy. You never know, he may want more but knowing you were in Vegas sleeping with other guys, it could turn him off. I am no expert at relationships but I was always the type of girl that if I was sleeping with a guy, even just for fun, then I did not sleep with others.

    1. I totally agree with Lori. If you have feelings for IT guy why sleep with someone else. If IT guy wants to talk exclusivity when you get home, and you’d like him too, wouldn’t he believe you more if you told him you didn’t sleep with anyone in LV? If he doesn’t want exclusivity and being the sexy lady that you are, then there are plenty of willing men when you get back. BUT if you like him wait for the “talk”.

  3. I have to say that I think if you are truly having these feelings for IT guy then this would prove to yourself and him as well if you went to Vegas and didn’t sleep with anyone else. If you do you’re showing him that you aren’t ready to commit to him exclusively yet. I would talk to him first and see if he agrees to that type of relationship and then if not you can explore other options. How would you feel right now if you knew he was off sleeping with other people?

  4. I’m the opposite as well. I agree with Lori above me. If you like someone and have strong feelings for them like you seem to with IT guy, then whatever guy you come across in Vegas isn’t going to compare. You aren’t in a relationship but who wants to have sex with someone else when another is already residing in your heart? Just my opinion, of course!

  5. IT Guy said he did want you to enjoy your self while you are in Vagas and that you guys would talk when you get back. You both already kinda talked about being in a committed relationship. So maybe you should just let loose in Vagas and then talk with IT Guy when you get home. I mean he did tell you to have fun and he probably did that so you wouldn’t feel bad if you did do something in Vagas. I wouldn’t over think it. If something happens and you wanna do it then do it. If not then don’t, but don’t feel bad about your decisions if you are single.

  6. I wouldn’t slept with others just to have one last big hurrah. If your feeling so IT guy is deeper then just sleeping with each other, then you are risking a lot just to sleep with a bunch of guys.

    Put yourself in his place and ask yourself, if you would be ok if he did that to you. Would you be ok, while you are in Vegas, he goes out and sleeps with a tons of girls for one last hurrah. Then when you get back together, try to example that you are wanting a relationship with each other. That is not how someone shows, they are into someone and wanting to be with them.

    It Guy has been pretty upfront about he feels about you. He may not of asked you officially yet to be together but think real hard on how he has acted with you

  7. Stay true to IT Guy. From what you wrote you are feeling…you will be feeling soooo guilty. Then you will confess to IT Guy and that will be hanging between you two if this turns into a monogamous relationship.

  8. I totally agree with Lori. If you like IT guy why sleep with someone else. If he tells you he wants exclusivity, wouldn’t it convey a stronger message if you didn’t sleep with someone else? If he doesn’t commit to exclusivity, being the sexy lady that you are, you’ll find plenty of willing men back home. If you like him wait and see what he has to say.

  9. Alexis, you said it yourself. He flipped a switch in your heart. Woman up! Stop procrastinating on having this conversation that you know is coming. I predict that you’ll skip the “opportunity” to have hot, filthy sex for the very same reason you skipped the spa with the girls.

    It’s fish or cut bait time.

  10. Remember how you felt when you found out Winebar was sleeeping with other women? And how he tried to lie his way out of it?
    Just think of that and you’ll know what to do xx

  11. It sounds as if you think you SHOULD sleep with other guys for one last hurrah, just to prove something to the other Angels. But if you do that, you’ll probably really regret it afterwards. You need to listen to your heart, and if it says IT guy is it for you (at least right now), no need to go out with a big hurrah. You’ll get your big hurrah when you get home :-). And it won’t be the last one……

  12. I agree with Lori, here’s why. That your even questioning if you should do something crazy in Vegas or not and you would rather talk on the phone with IT then go to the spa with the girls, I think you pretty much just answered you own question. You have feelings for him and if you do anything crazy in Vegas you will feel guilty if you don’t tell him. Then it may get awkward. He obviously has feelings for you he punched Gym Rat in the face just for talking out of line to you. My vote is have a good time with the GIRLS yes but I wouldn’t have crazy sex with anyone unless maybe you FaceTime IT guy for some crazy FaceTime sex! Lol just my two cents.

  13. Girl…
    Didn’t IT Guy tell you awhile ago that he knew you were “seeing” others & weren’t “exclusive,” but that HE was NOT sleeping with Anyone else! So, he WAS basically saying… okay Babe, I get it that you NEED to play for a bit….
    BUT NOW, I’m thinking he may be ready to MOVE forward… Hence, the “we NEED to Talk” comment!
    NOW, I know I’ve kinda said this before, but it bears repeating… If your Moving Forward with IT Guy & you Sleep with someOne else… Will you ultimately regret it later?! Probably, because We like being Monogamous creatures & the guilt will eat at you!
    However, if you Return home & don’t MOVE forward with IT Guy… Will you Regret a Missed Opportunity for Drunken LV S€X… Probably NOT, Because there’s plenty of DICKS in the Sea & you Ladies are always gett’n together for some Wild & Crazy Times… So YOUR really NOT missing OUT by waiting!
    What your doing is giving yourself an opportunity/ possibility to have a Relationship… Maybe. And taking the opportunity to go into it with a clear conscience~ for yourself & not anyone else. IMHO.

  14. The big question you have to ask yourself is – do I need to have dirty sex with any or all the next guys I see when I step out of this room in Las Vegas, or do I already know who I prefer to do all this with?
    Do YOU want to?
    Don’t ask friends, don’t ask us, ask yourself.
    Are you afraid that things with IT guy might be right? Or that things might not work, after a while?
    No problem!
    Right now, would you really enjoy senseless sex, just for bodily pleasure?
    Or would you just be going through the motions because, well, in Vegas you can. Where’s the fun in that?
    It’s really your call, here. Don’t be pulled into something you might regret, but don’t NOT do something, if you think that’s what you need.
    Like the others said, tomorrow thee world will still be full of willing dicks, you don’t have to do anything today just because of conventions or geographical location.
    And good luck!

  15. I agree with Lori, but Leah has a point. How about an option in the middle? Why not FaceTime him & tell him that you’re missing him & thinking of him & don’t want to “mess up” & initiate the ‘talk’ NOW. That way if it’s not exclusivity he’s after, you’ll know & can go sow your wild oats in LV & not miss an opportunity…… BUT if you’re lovihg IT guy like you said, I have a feeling no ‘opportunity’ would be worth a damn anyway, you know?? Go with your 💜!

    1. I like this idea! FaceTime him and have “that talk”!!! I thought you were going on a real date with him? Did I miss that after dinner date post?? What happened??
      After the talk you’ll have a better understanding as to what the expectations are. Have some FaceTime Funtime I bet that could be really hawt!! What could you do in Vegas that you couldn’t do with IT Guy?? Why does it happen to you? Because, you’re looking for it to happen but with the right guy. You keep opening your heart to find that true match. Is there anything stopping you from moving forward with IT Guy? Any hesitation going forward to the next step?

  16. I ,sort of, agree with Hannah. You could go enjoy yourself, you aren’t in a relationship. But, do you want to?? I think your reaction to just being on the phone with IT Guy speaks volumes. Give him a call and let him know what you are thinking.

  17. I would definitely talk to IT Guy don’t ruin what could be great relationship. You yourself said you were having feelings and lined being on the phone with him instead of leaving when he said had things fixed. I would call him before you do anything you can’t take back. He’s such a special kind if guy a keeper talk to him.

    1. Really would random pickup sex be better than with IT Guy ! Don’t do something you might regret. I know some of the angels are now single, do you feel you should be the same !. I doubt they would want you to miss an opportunity with someone you obviously care about. This guy sounds so genuine, please don’t throw away a chance to be in an exclusive relationship. Talk to him FaceTime…..tell him you’ve missed him… bet he says the same. Then you can go from there. He has been exceptionally understanding of you ( thanks to dirtbag). Don’t let him ruin this, by making you second guess yourself. You know how YOU feel about ITGuy. Tell HIM. You can enjoy LV with the girls without dirty sex ( which you may regret ). Sorry to go on, just want you to be happy.🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. I think most of the girls have said the same thing but I’ll say it again. Do you really want to gave have a big last hurrah? You’re missing IT Guy and wanted him to be able to come with. It doesn’t seem like a wild night in Vegas with randoms is what you really want. I think your heart is telling you the answer.

  19. I would say that you need to listen to your gut. Don’t do something just because you can. If you have a warm fuzzy feeling with IT guy and you were content to be on the phone with him and not figiditing, being distracted waiting to get off the phone with him then he already matters to you on some level. The question is what do you really want and do you consider him to be worth the wait? You will have to decide which way you want to go. What you want to do is avoid having any regrets.

  20. In my opinion he did not tell you that you guys needed to talk after Vegas bc he’s not into you. He said it bc he wants you thinking about him and not other guys. He did not want to come across as trying to ruin your time in Vegas and try to control what you do since you guys are not official yet, but since you’re having the warm fuzzies for him give the 2 of you a real chance. There’s really no reason to just go out and have a bunch of sex just to do it in Vegas. I’ve been married for 20 years, but b4 my hubby I had plenty of sex just for the sake of it (like a hotty) especially when I went on vacations, but I’d never trade what I have now for it- just something to consider. 😉

  21. Sugarlips1313 summed up my thoughts perfectly! Talk to IT Guy first and see what he’s thinking! Honestly, how often do you really get those warm and fuzzy feelings? I’d hate for you to mess up something that could be really good…

  22. I say see how it works out with IT Guy. It could be what you both want. If not, you haven’t lost anything.

  23. I have to agree with Lori and Michele, just follow your instinct go with the flow where your hearts leads you and also don’t do something you ending up regretting it aftermath. Prayers for you all.

  24. I agree with Lori and the others, but like someone said earlier it’s up to you and how you feel. I know he told you to go have fun but I can have fun and get crazy without sleeping with someone else. I don’t need a guy for that part. I think you might possibly be looking for our support in saying what your hear is telling you that you don’t want other guys. I think not sleeping with other guys on this trip will go a long way in showing IT guy that you are ready for this. Also it never hurts to call or text and just I miss you or thanks for the help I had missed you.

  25. Ay! Assessing Wants v. Needs can often be a problem.

    Do you WANT to have wild and crazy sex with some random guy (s) while you’re in Vegas, or do you NEED to do so? Leave IT Guy out of the equation and answer for yourself.

    Impetuosity can be fun, but it has consequences that are sometimes unpleasant. OTH, being too risk averse can be boring. So, ask yourself how important is it to you — Alexis Angel — to go one way or the other? How will you feel about yourself once you return home? Will you be happy about the choice you made? Will you regret what you did, or will you regret missed opportunities?

    IT Guy will probably be available for you no matter what happens in Vegas, but how will YOU feel about your behavior?

  26. I think a little self control might be in order. If IT Guy means anything to you then hold off on the wild sex. Vegas isn’t going anywhere. You can always come back and bang your brains out at a later time.

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