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New York Daily Journal News Story!

Hey Angels! So we got another submission from a male author and he’s basically written something hilarious I think but I wanna have you guys check it out and give me your thoughts first. His note is below:

Hey Alexis. I’ve read most of your books when you were on Amazon and breaking the charts. I saw you were taking submissions on your blog and I thought I could do a better job. I’ve never published anything yet but I put this news article together based on some of your early stuff that I read. Let me know if it’s any good or you’d want to work together. Sincerely, (NAME REDACTED)

If you’re familiar with classic Alexis Angel then this should be entertaining. If you’re not, then I’ll put the books this relates to at the end of the news story. So here we go!

Billionaire World in New York City Shaken To It’s Core!

By Mona Cox, staff writer for the New York Daily Journal

New York City – The billionaire class that works, plays, and eats in New York City was shaken to its core today when the world famous restaurant Per Se, located in the Time Warner Center, announced that they were closing their restaurant to all further bookings. A spokesperson for the restaurant announced that they had been booked solid for the next 365 days.
“It’s not even that we’ve sold all our tables for dinner,” he said. “It’s that these billionaires have come in and rented out the entire restaurant on particular nights just so they can eat alone with their dining companion.”
A typical dinner at Per Se will easily cost $1000. It’s not uncommon for the restaurant to service just one seating of guests and guide them through an 8 course tasting menu paired with wines and cocktails and followed up with dessert.
“We have no need to even have a changing menu with a booking for the whole restaurant each night,” Head Chef Joseph Conrad said. “We’re just serving a billionaire and his alpha woman. The billionaire is obviously trying to get laid. There’s no doubt about it when they come in. They have flowers and the woman comes in and then they’re all over each other as they leave and get in a limo to go to the billionaire’s apartment at One57.”
In almost a cruel twist of fate, the apartment building One57 announced today that it would not be accepting any new applicants to move in, citing that every apartment was already purchased by a billionaire.
“I didn’t even know this many billionaires lived in New York City, and that they were all trying to live here,” Mark Corocoran, property manager for One57 said. “It’s like they read about us in a book or something.and all decided that they wanted to move here.”
New York City has in recent years been beseiged by a bevy of handsome, modelesque billionaires who haved all specifically moved into One57 and/or eaten at Per Se. They’ve purchased limousines that many New Yorker’s have mentioned rock side to side when idling in traffic, as they’ve engaged in sexual relationship with similarly driven alpha females.
“You can’t throw a rock without hitting a billionaire nowadays, you know?” Joel Norman, who works in Midtown Manhattan said. “Used to be they were just a bunch of old geezers who made their money. Nowadays they’re all handsome, rich, and cut. They bench 200 pounds and love taking off their shirts randomly. I’ll be walking into Starbucks and there’s a billionaire taking off his shirt and just fucking standing there waiting for someone to take a picture. I just wanna get a cup of coffee and this dude is standing there shirtless. If he wasn’t there I’d get a fucking donut but instead I just get the rice cake.”
It remains unclear what the recent upswing in billionaire activities will do to this city, but one thing is clear. There are many more billionaires being created. And they’re all coming to the city. Only time will tell what the effects are.

38 thoughts on “New York Daily Journal News Story!

  1. That was actually brilliant! Loved the tone of voice used throughout the text. It’s witty and funny, definitely fits in with the Angels. He’s got my vote!!! ❤❤

  2. This was absolutely fantastic!! He has definitely got the tone of voice and personality of Mona Cox down. The content was witty, fun and interesting and left me wanting more!! He absolutely fits in with you Angels. He has my vote!! ❤❤

    1. I thought it was funny. I would need to see more for a firm yes

  3. Wow, if I didn’t know better , I would think this was real. Sounds good!

  4. That was so funny!
    I’d try a collaboration with him xx

  5. Hmm, not impressed in any way. Humor? I never so much as grinned. I have the book this is supposedly based on.

  6. I guess I don’t get it… so he read some of your books and put together a little funny (I guess?) writeup. Was this to flatter you or to show he could write contemporary romance for women(?), cause I don’t see anything that shows us that. A lot of people can write up a blurb or two, but “story” writing is quite different. I think this might be a bit of a funny personal note for you, Alexis, but there’s no demonstration of his author skills here and nothing that I personally find the least bit interesting or funny.

  7. He got some guts Redacted; now this is interesting for DLA , the collaborate story base of Mona Cox tag line descriptive you had made likely yours seems come alive and realistic too.

  8. It was tongue-in-cheek, sassy, witty and funny and sounded like Mona Cox. I vote to hear more from him.

  9. But their a problem it’s has no humor and a little bit boring for my taste at the start. It still need tweaking and improvement so on.

  10. It was good however can be write sexy romances to satisfy all the DLAs?

  11. I was waiting for the funny part but I guess I missed it.
    Almost anyone can write a blurb or “news report”.
    It would be better to read a chapter or two from both the male and female character perspectives to get a sense of his writing style.
    I can definitely tell it was written from a guy who may not have an understanding of how to write from a woman’s perspective.
    I just felt like it was male dominated, which isn’t bad but why can’t there be a strong female billionaire or two as well.
    Just from what I read I don’t think I would read anything from this potential author.

  12. I think it would be good to have a male writer added, even if not like the female writing. What is wrong with a bit of macho story, even sexist, that would be interesting to try. Life is that way, ladies! As long as the HEA ending is there. Like the comedy too.

  13. Loved!! Witty, smart, not over the top, yet had Mona down. I want to read more!!!
    Great submission!!!
    Definitely one to work with, Alexis!!!

  14. This story in my opinion is not as great as an Alexis Angel story. I vote no because I read it three times and did not find it funny at all.

  15. I liked it. I would see if he could write a short story coming from the male and female perspectives.

  16. It was cute but, I need more in story form to make a decision. I agree with Babette, short story from both male and female perspectives.

  17. Ok, I laughed and giggled and could relate it to all your books(I have read them).

    This was VERY entertaining and I’d love to read a full length story. Thumbs up from me.

  18. My daughter is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind! I say definitely yes! I wish I could walk in my Starbucks and see a Billionaire standing there with his shirt off!!! Very entertaining. I would love to read more!!!

  19. It was boring. I had to make myself finish reading it. I did not think it was funny at all. It did not read like anything the angels would write to me. He needs a lot of improvement if you ask me. He is not good enough to write for the angels.

  20. Have him submit something else…it got my attention.

  21. Funny and entertaining. Liked the humor, but would want to read more of a story/short novella or something before I made a final decision.
    The biggest problem I had was in his note to you…there were basically four sentences and two grammatical mistakes. Not that I’m that much of a perfectionist🙄, but if the books he writes are full of mistakes like that, I wouldn’t buy them. It literally drives me crazy.
    Give him a chance to submit a story and see if it’s any good. Since he hasn’t published anything yet, would he be able to put out books with the frequency the rest of the Angels do?

  22. It was cute, I did chuckle in a couple of spots. Would def need to see more of a story not just a news blurb from him to decides a yes or no but hey, I’d give him a chance

  23. It’s a yes from me. He seems to be very witty and would be worthy of a chance.

  24. I with the others it was actually good! Interesting…
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. I liked it, thought it was fun and witty.

  26. Not sure? Would like to see more to make a decision. However, a vast improvement on the last male author’s submission on 16 February!

  27. I am sorry what was funny? A good lead in to a possibly good story. Need more info.

  28. I’m sorry what was funny? I thought this was a good lead in to a possibly excellent story but would like to see more.

  29. That was laugh out loud funny! He has my vote. One of you leading Angels needs to see what he can do.

  30. He has potential, but would have to read an actual story, as others have stated, to keep my interest.

    And, who in the hell wants a rice cake ???

  31. Not a fan. Did not find it funny. Sorry i don’t get it. Was also boring for me did not really grab my attention.

  32. Loved it actually. He is upbeat and I think has the Mona Cox persona to a tee. I would love to read more from this writer and wish him well.

  33. That was great!

  34. I understand and appreciate what he was doing. However, it didn’t quite do it for me. I would suggest he submit something original before making a decision.

  35. 😁 Was he reading my mind about the done-to-death billionaire trope? I liked it and would love to see what he doeas with an entire story, with an actual plot.

    BTW, he beats the sox off that other male writer’s fantasy piece.

  36. There was nothing funny about story. I agree with other Angels maybe he could submit other stort. I’m not sure he meants DLA standards???

  37. I found the tone to be rather misogynistic. I learned nothing about who the characters were, just that first page, they’re going at it. No foundation, same old same old. Also, the editing leaves a lot to be desired although that’s understandable for a newbie.

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