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New Series for the Angels!

Hey ladies!

Thanks so much for all the welcome wishes to the store and to everyone who’s bought/downloaded my books so far. I wanted to give you a tasty series today.

Are you ready for a smoking hot read that leaves your skin flushed and your panties wet? That’s what I thought.

Newly launched on the Naughty Angel Publishing store is The Summer Heat Duet.

So get ready because Ethan and Madeline’s story will do just that.

Ethan and Madeline’s story is one wild and sexy ride, told in two parts. Check them both out.

Book 1 – Hawaii Big-O is $2.99 or free in Angel Access.

Book 2 – Brooklyn Big-O is $3.99.

Both are live on the store now!

Grab an icy Sex on the Beach. You’re gonna need it to cool off.

Tell me your summer plans.

I happen to know that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, Naughty Angel Publishing plans to keep your summer the right kind of hot. We’re working on a massive, massive new series for you.

Hope yours is a Summer of Love…

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  1. Dalton, My youngest just graduated, so I am celebrating not having to deal with homework anymore! Probably planning some sort of vacation with the “Hood People” too! I love traveling with all our friends! Have an amazing summer!

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