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New Roommate?

So Angels guess what?

You guys sent so many well wishes and comments to Lana about being an angel that we went out this evening and this is what the convo kinda went like:

Lana: Shouldn’t we be writing chapters for the next book?
Alexis: Babe let your hair down okay?
Lana: I can’t. We need to finish up these books we started
Alexis: Ya ya hey is that guy staring at me?
Lana: What guy?
Alexis: Turn around and look at him, but do it without turning around, okay?
Lana: WTF
Alexis: Anyways, so are you more comfortable now? You get that we never really broke up as a team right?
Lana: Yeah listen I’m sorry…but what guy? What happened to Technology Man?
Alexis: It’s IT Guy and he’s amazing and I might put out next time.
Lana: Already?
Alexis: Hello, I was trying to seduce him remember? Besides its gonna be Date number 3
Lana: Yeah, listen…what do you think now that Mr. Lana Angel and I are separated and my 4 month lease is expiring that I…
Alexis: Why don;t you move in? I have two bedrooms!!
Lana: Yeah, that’s what I was going to say
Alexis: Except I said it first! Hey that dude is staring at me
Lana: Let me look (turning around)
Alexis: OMG! You turned around
Lana: He’s not staring at you
(Dude walks over to our table)
Dude: Hello
Lana: (To Alexis) So what do you say?
Alexis: Yes
Dude: That’s a yes?

And that’s a whole new story I think.

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10 thoughts on “New Roommate?

  1. roommates. this will be so good for both of you.
    can’t wait to hear the dude story 🙂

  2. Obey you are on Santa’s “nice” list. ?

    1. Sorry that’s I bet not obey

  3. Wow, new roommate and met a new guy at the same time. I am so happy for you and Lana, I hope she will feel better now and will finally realize we love her just as much as you. And, I’m so excited to hear more about Dude and IT guy it just tickles me to no end. Love to both of you and many wishes for happiness and success <3 I hope Lana, that you can find some happiness of your own and get past the hurt you have been through.

    1. Yeah Lana is gonna be a stabilizing influence I hope

  4. Yeah you guys! Roomies- us girls gotta stick together!

    1. LOL I love it. Now I gotta clean tho!

  5. Where is it dog?

    1. Yeah that is a story for Alexis to tell.

      1. Ya I gotta tell that one too

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