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New In Angel Access – Executive Engagement

Have you ever met a man so hot, you just wanted to like…own him?

Angels, let’s be real—sexy-fine men are a hot commodity in the bedroom and out of it! Who doesn’t want a hunky dreamboat at their beck and call, am I right?

Executive Engagement is a book about a hot, sexy billionaire and the CEO who makes him hers. Even though they love and lose…we all know that what the heart wants, it wants. At the end of the day, love always finds a way—and when two people are meant for each other, nothing can stop them (not even themselves).

When we talk about love in the romance world, it’s always full-blown, head first, all-in and happily ever after guaranteed—but it’s not just about the kissing when it comes to the characters we all love.

It’s about learning to let go of all the little things that keep us from believing we deserve love…and it’s about coming together, despite all our flaws and the setbacks that life throws at us—to live life to the fullest, let our guards down and be vulnerable for once, no matter how scary that is.

I totally love this story—and I think you Angels will too. There’s a lot of me in this book…and I hope you’ll see a little of yourself in here, too.

Enjoy, and as always…I hope you get your halo dirty with this one, babes 😉

You can now grab this title in Angel Access!

No interview today but we should be picking back up tomorrow!