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New Freebie for My Angels!

The blog isn’t dead, we swear! Lana’s being extra picky about how she tells her & Aiden’s update and ok so yeah I’m being particular about my updates as well.

Dating during 2020 was like sooper weird.

But today we have a freebie for everyone. It’s a smutty little short story from the lovely Sophie Moore.

Here’s an excerpt…

When the clock struck one, I sauntered inside his office with purposeful steps. Excitement was brewing inside me, and as usual, he was a sight to behold.
I barely heard his greeting as my eyes instantly focused on his dark curls, his perfectly angled jaw, his sinful mouth and his white lab coat that deliciously covered his broad shoulders.
I thought I had prepared myself, but when those sharp green eyes turned to me, I shuddered at the pure want that went through my body.
I took a seat, and he offered me a polite smile, one that didn’t even reach his eyes. It felt off, distant, like I could only barely keep his interest, and it annoyed the hell out of me.
“How are you feeling today, Ms. Black?” He asked, his tone all professional.
“So formal, Doctor,” I said. “Haven’t we established that you should call me by my first name?”
“Well then, Evelyn.” He had the audacity to look exasperated, but the beautiful way he enunciated my name immediately made me forgive him. “This is your fifth visit this month. Tell me what new disease afflicts you.”
I reined the laugh that threatened to burst from me.
Five meetings in, how the hell isn’t he mine yet?
“It isn’t my fault that I miraculously get cured from those illnesses just five seconds before I enter your office, Doctor!” I declared rather shamelessly. “But it’s truly serious this time!”
He didn’t believe me, nevertheless, he gestured that I tell him this sickness. And I did with the most serious voice I could manage.

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8 thoughts on “New Freebie for My Angels!

  1. Okay ladies, we know that you have to think about how to tell us everything but come on… give us something…
    Pretty pleaseeee 🤗

    1. We’re bad, we know it! shaaaame on me. Also Lana. she’s also behind on her blog post. Pls forgive us Angel!

  2. Okay, I’m with Mimi and y’all have got to give us something here. Shoot a monkey, we’re starving for updates but understand that it Bat S##t crazy out there right now so a wee bit longer wait won’t hurt too bad 🙂 Y’all stay safe and healthy and talk more when you can. I just got my copies of Dr. Nasty, Twin Billionaire Sandwich and Shameless for the Single Dad today so I’m all caught up on my books again, whew.

    1. EEEP so sorry babes! I’ve been doing my parents taxes lol why did I think “starting early” would help!! and I haven’t been bugging Lana enough for her blog post and yeah I’m so behind on mine too. but I want to blame Lana…

      1. Bless your heart for doing your parent’s taxes for them. I gave up several years ago and have an accountant do all of ours now 🙂 Y’all just take care and I look forward to more news as it comes (no pun intended).

  3. We don’t have it so hard here in East Tennessee. No quarantine. But at 78 and a widower, I’m pretty much a home body. I quite driving 3 years ago. My daughter or one of my roomies takes me around for any shopping I may need to do and to do my monthly local bill paying. I quit the party time and bar hopping. Thirty years, or more ago.

  4. Damn auto correct. I typed “quit driving thirty years ago” and ended up with “quite driving……”.

  5. Damn auto correct.
    I typed “quit driving thirty years ago” and ended up with “quite driving……”.

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