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Hahahaha so like really glad to be posting this. Sorry it’s so late into the day but Angels you’ll totally understand. See in PST it is only just now 6pm as I’m typing this, and Alexis’ brand new book is publishing on the store :)))))))) Which I am so happy for.

Alexis loves her Angels so much that she was about to get this book out. She’s been feeling better. But she was like oh no it’s so late and rushing around like crazy. I saw her phone on the counter when she went to grab a glass of water and ladies, she told IT Guy no to a date because she’s been trying to get this book out.

Naturally I demanded that she let me take care of it. I texted IT Guy (from my phone) and told him to come over and take this woman out, she’s finally feeling better!

She looks amazing tonight, and it like totally warms my heart to see Alexis releasing books again and going out again. IT Guy’s a total prince and he was on my side, too, telling Alexis that she needs to focus on the fact that she finished a book and got the edits back, the cover was in, and that things would be okay.

Just like that the universe was like oh yeah btw here’s what you’ve been waiting on – the new Filthy and Forever cover is done, the cover designer was so sorry that she didn’t get it finished yet but that’s coming tomorrow Angels!

So today’s release – Alpha Attitudes – is an enemies to lovers romantic comedy by Alexis!! It’s also in Angel Access πŸ™‚Β 

Thanks for all your support Angels and I hope you’re excited for the amazing books coming your way! We’ve got more planned. Alexis is back and she’s called us all in for a big meeting tomorrow (conference for some authors) but yeah I’m pretty excited.

I told her she also has to have fun on her date and isn’t allowed to think about that the whole time.

IT Guy laughed and said he and Paige are going to fit the rest of the store updates in ASAP too πŸ™‚

I feel like cheesy but really it feels like after a real scare things are coming back to normal!!!

I’m going to go send out an email to make sure everyone sees Alexis’ fabulous new book and I can’t wait to finally get Callie’s Filthy and Forever out tomorrow πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday Angels!!!

5 thoughts on “NEW ALEXIS!

  1. I’m so absolutely happy that Alexis is feeling better!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

  2. Glad Alexis is back and feeling better. Thanks for keeping us all updated on the blog. Lana you need to go out and have some fun as well. You’ve been busy handling things and helping take care of Alexis you deserve a break as well.

  3. I agree with Mary. You do need to take care of yourself and go have some fun. So glad Alexis is feeling better and the she and IT Guy are doing great.

  4. Wonderful news! So happy to have Alexis back πŸ’–
    Agree with the others Lana….you need some down time too πŸ˜‰ xx

  5. Agree with Mary and Heidi. I’m so glad that Alexis is feeling better, can’t wait to get my hands on Alpha Attitudes. I’ve even ordered an updated Kindle so I can make sure I don’t run out of space πŸ™‚

    Also, like them, I hope you and Paige take the time to enjoy a little R & R and don’t forget we Angels will always be here so if you need down time just tell us.

    Well, have to go get my copy of Alpha Attitudes πŸ™‚

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