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Natasha Part 3

Hey Angels!

Part Three of Natasha’s illicit encounter today!

…”Can I give you a ride?” I think I asked.

He told me he had his car parked across the street. I told him that was no problem, I could give him a ride over to it. He shrugged and said sure he’d like to ride.

I blushed again. Hard this time. He kept smiling.

He got in the car and we drove out of the school. He never even gave me any more directions. I just kept driving for a bit, heading to my apartment.

I had just recently moved in and I lived by myself.

When we got into my apartment complex I looked at him. I didn’t know anything about him, but I felt safe with him.

He asked me if we were going to my place.

I told him we were.

I parked the car and quickly got out. I don’t know why but him looking at me just got me so hot and bothered that I lost all train of thought.

Luckily my apartment was on the ground floor and I opened my door.

I looked at Adrian. He looked back at me.

“Did you want me to  come inside?” he asked me.

I remember nodding.

He smiled and came inside.

I was trembling. This was so crazy. I could get fired for this. I would never work again. To be honest I was only teaching so I’d have a steady schedule with plenty of time to take care of children when I had kids but I didn’t want to end my career before it began!

But then Adrian touched me and I forgot everything.

I literally threw my arms around him and kissed him.

I kissed him so hard and began rubbing my body all over his. Up and down.

He kissed back and his hands were all over me.

This guy…he’d definitely been around the block because he took my blouse off so fast. And my skirt. The next thing I knew I was just in my bra and thong.

“Turn around,” he commanded me.

I turned around and bent over, showing him my butt.

He slowly pulled down my thong and began to use his fingers on my pussy.

I couldn’t believe it. I exploded right there. That’s all it took.

After that, I needed him to hold me a bit longer while my knees stopped shaking before I got on my knees and took off his belt.

I blew him with all the skills I learned in college and he was wet and hard by the time he was out of my mouth.

We didn’t have a condom (I hadn’t planned the whole thing out) so instead I lay back down on my couch and he crawled over and stuck his tongue in me. He used his tongue to play with my pussy until I was thrashing and screaming.

I must have had three or four orgasms back to back. I sort of blacked out or I guess let the pleasure just take me away because the next thing I knew he was getting up on his feet.

I wanted to have sex. But we couldn’t because I didn’t want to get pregnant.

So I got back on my knees and began to use my hand and my mouth to get him off.

I looked up at him as I blew him and then told him to cum down my throat.

That did it. He unloaded all his cum inside me.

I guzzled and guzzled and tried to save a bit to keep on my tongue and show him afterwards.

The final part is coming tomorrow!!

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  1. Natasha’s story would certainly make a good book.

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