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Natalie’s Not Just a Knight…

LOL, she’s an Angel! So she and Lana put together this really cool video to celebrate yet another fabulous summer read added to the store and this time an exclusive to Angel Access series! Wooooo!

(So just FYI there’s also the Summer Heat Duet from Gage Grayson… and a lot more summer reads coming!!!!)

I thought this video was so cute. I’m going to make some more since Lana and Natalie showed me how.

And they kicked off a truly fabulous series.

I love Wedding season. I mean Summer. Land of bikinis. Beautiful dresses. Summer cocktails (though I’m mostly doing Vodka sodas with Lana now and tbh I actually like how refreshing it is).

I have just three more chapters in Ramona Vs. Roomate to do some revisions on after getting it back from the editor and I was like, ok, time to celebrate.

full on summer prep!

So I grabbed a bunch of books to read. Of course!

Got three new pairs of sunglasses. Also why does everyone on the internet call them sunnies now??? Am I old now? I like so don’t like saying that. Basically because it makes me think of eggs, lol, which there’s nothing wrong with but hey if I stick food on my eyes, then I stick to cucumbers.

Which I did, because I treated the Angels to facials and a half spa day for helping getting the store back together and back on my feet.

I went and added Callie’s new book today – it’s book three in the Her Four Heroes series and it is just 99 pennies or freeeeee if you’re in Angel Access.

Then over power salads with Lana (I actually really liked them, don’t tell her lol) we discussed a few cool things we’re doing with Insta-Angels (btw if you followed on instagram thank uuu and we are catching up with everyone!!! so many messages and comments lol but we read them all and we will get back to u) and the new Instagram ARC team we’re going to put together… trust me, it’s so cool.

We then talked about The Angel Perks we want to start offering. So I convinced Lana to switch to T-Mobile because of how great their international plan is (and no lol they may be pink but they’re not sponsoring our filthy smut store but like that would be cool haha) and she was like we need to T-Mobile Tuesdays, only for Angels. So yeah TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE and we’re going to start putting it together.

And we talked about other stuff as we did some MAJOR shopping. Like summer dresses, summer makeup, it was intense. Soooo fun.

Then we went to the gym and Lana and I talked about how we have so many things we want to write. We always have so many ideas!

Now we’re getting ready for dinner with a surprise author who is coming to the store soon. Feel free to guess, because she used to hang out with some other authors who have joined NAP here… but yeah.

I’m pretty excited. it’s been such a fun day and now I’m like looking at pictures of beaches.

One more thing… I got another surprise for the Naughty Angel authors – the ones you know about and a few more authors we hope to have join soon. We’re going on a little adventure for Fourth of July, in DC! I thought it would be a great way to celebrate and have fun and like see fireworks and drink? lol why not.

Make sure you check out all the wonderful things that have been published recently. Paige and IT Guy are working on more major updates but I’ll let you know as far in advance as I can if things will look wonky… but don’t worry the books are still cumming babes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tell me about ur summer plans!


4 thoughts on “Natalie’s Not Just a Knight…

  1. I forgot my password I can’t open my account DLA please help me…

    1. Hi Ren! I’ll look into it asap. I’m having trouble getting in too but I wanted you to know I saw this and will get back to you on this as soon as we figure it out.

      1. Thanks Lana, I”ll be waiting hopefully and It can be fixed. I will also pray for it….

  2. Speaking of IT guy….. Whatโ€™s the 411, Alexis??? We need juicy updates!!!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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