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Natalie Vs. Prince Added to Angel Access!

Hey Angels,

Natalie Vs. Prince has been added to Angel Access!

Yesterday I couldn’t send any newsletters because of some issue with servers down at the mailing list provider. Sorry about that.

IT Guy is flying back in tonight so I’m getting extra super prepared.

Got some of that Kim Kardashian Beauty body makeup and shimmer and had Lana apply it to my legs and stuff while I was naked lol and then like set me with powder before I slipped into my La Perla. You could say that was a definite bonding moment lol.

Lana and I have been buying like slutty Instagram clothes ever since we started the account and today I have this very tiny red dress to wear and some like sooper high heels and can I just say, with added smoky eye, I look incredible.

IT Guy is gonna flip when I see him at the airport!!! We’re going out for drinks tonight.

I need to celebrate – Lana I just finished a smutty new book that’s coming to the store tomorrow babes and it is going to be hot. If you checked out Rough Edit, it’s still on sale for $2.99, btw, it is the second book in that series. It’s pretty damn kinky hot. Lana brings the dark spanky goodness out in me lol

happy friday Angels!!! What are your plans?

4 thoughts on “Natalie Vs. Prince Added to Angel Access!

  1. My Friday consisted of going the the VA Clinic to set up an appointment for a colonoscopy in July. We had to fight traffic that was backed up for miles due to a dump truck and car accident. Had to get off the interstate to a back road but it was really bad traffic there to but at least it was moving, interstate wasn’t. Then stopping by the place where my day;lily friends are meeting up to on Sat and getting the best fried catfish I have ever eaten.Then having to fight more traffic on the way home.

  2. Have fun with IT Guy Alexis and have a great night.

  3. Hope you had a totally awesome evening with IT Guy. xx

  4. Have a great time with the it guy. I’m sure you will blow him away with what u wear x

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