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Natalie Has Arrived!

Oh. My. God.


Natalie Knight has arrived. We picked her up this morning. She’s over her dude and they’ve done some sort of paperwork (I forgot) but she is ready to party and get down.
This is going to be an insane weekend I can already tell.
We started drinking cosmos today like an hour ago and talking about things we want to do to the store. Lana is like “just don’t get drunk and break the store”

lol I hope we don’t but we’re thinking of some amazing deals we want to do. But more than that we’re thinking of where we’re gonna go party tongiht. And whether we should invite Gym Bros. I mean I’m not tied down to IT Guy and he knows we’re both casual right now and I’m totally okay taking one of the Gym Brothers and giving Natalie one. She’s totally down to also but there’s also the fun of finding someone new.
So. Many. Possibilities.

So I asked Natalie how long she’s able to stay in town for and she just shrugs and is like however long you want to have me before you get tired of me because I’m kinda a party girl right now.

And I’m like oh my god you’re my sister. Don’t get me wrong I love Lana but Lana makes me do responsible things like work a lot and wake up at a reasonable hour and not sleep in and remind me if I have an early morning meeting when I’m out drinking or with friends or having friends over.

I mean it’s good and all but I’m a writer! I write for a living! And I’m like if I’m gonna be creative Im gonna live like a creative person which means try and experience a lot of stuff. But then Lana is like yeah but you’re also a business owner and several thousand angels rely on you and the things we provide form DLA to books make people’s day and that’s a responsibility. Then Lana says something that I can’t respond back to because she’s right. she says “That’s what you always say. You always make the point that we have a sacred duty and a sacred trust to our readers and the people who come to the store, even if they come to look because we bring joy to people’s lives” and I’m like fine grumble grumble lets be responsible.

So Natalie is like that but she’s also like girl lets go be crazy this weekend. It’s doing a service too because then we can write better stories. And Lana can’t argue with that because Natalie is right too.

So I Guess it’s like both are right but it’s all about moderation.

Anyways, so Natalie and Lana and I are going out in a big way tonight. This is gonna be epic. And don’t worry. I will be telling you all about it. No cliffhangers unless I’ve already written a whole bunch and I find a natural stopping off point.

Tell me your weekend plans Angels! This weekend is gonna be amazing!!!!

11 thoughts on “Natalie Has Arrived!

  1. You go ladies part hearty. However, don’t get too drunk because I want all the details of this weekend, and I want you to remember it all!!!!

  2. Birthday dinner that was postponed from last weekend and a super bowl foodfest! Have fun partying with the girls!

  3. Well…since you asked…drum roll…it is officially “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY BITCH” weekend!#@$%&^!!!???!!!###$$%%%@@!!@#$%%$@!??&%$@!!
    I get to totally party this weekend in celebration of a milestone(not headstone) Birthday and my sweet-ass man is gonna be my designated EVERYTHING! Hope y’all have a blast. God knows I’m gonna!!

    1. Happy Birthday! I hope it was epic. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰

    2. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great celebratory weekend.

    3. OMG Best Birthday Ever!!!!

  4. Have a blast and be careful too. Can’t wait to read about it, afterall us long time married ladies live vicariously through y’all.

  5. I am sitting here turning green with envy, looking forward to hearing all about it since, at this point, I get to live vicariously through ya’ll. Have a blast and introduce Natalie to a great night on the town.

  6. All you ladies need to party. Lana and Natalie especially need to party because of the upheaval in their lives with their divorces right now. They do not have to get to wild, but in my opinion Lana and Natalie need to be a little wild with being single again.Just be careful when you are getting wild.

  7. Have a drink for me! The only thing I’m doing is keeping my best friend company while she’s in the hospital. So have a great time and then let me vicariously live through your fun by giving us ALL the deets!

  8. Have one for me,,,, ALWAYS,,,, !!!

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