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Natalie Does Wrong?!

Hey there Angels

So thanks for your comments and your emails based on my last post. And I agree with Margaret and Mona that Joyce is my friend so I wasn’t going to actively go and rob the cradle haha. I mean don’t get me wrong, one of the guys, the younger one who was 18 is a starting quarterback. No girlfriend because they recently broke up based on the idle chit chat I had with him but he had a pretty nice young body.

But he was just too young and immature, if you know what I mean? And his brother who was in community college was also playing football before he graduated. He was a strong safety and he had the body to prove it.

So no, when they openly acted young and drool over me, I don’t really respond in kind even though I know that it might be sort of fun out of respect for my friend, you know?

But the thing is, I am sort of naughty and I don’t know if it makes me worse.

When I go to visit, and especially when I know I’ll be running into them, I’ve made it a point to dress as sexy as I can. Now I’m the kind of person who will do their face at the beginning of the day and then touch it up to even go get a carton of milk from the store.

But if I know that I’m hanging out with Joyce? I’ll make sure to put on those yoga pants that are extra tight.

Joyce doesn’t seem to mind because she has a pretty good body herself (from years of being in the gym) and her sometimes job of personal trainer so she dresses pretty sexy around the house.

So one day really put it into perspective for me.

I went to go see Joyce because we were going to go over some story ideas over a bottle of wine. She loves the smut and reads it constantly. So I’m like a fountain of filth for her haha.

Anyways I knew that at least one of the sons was coming home in the afternoon so I put on my naked pants. These are yoga pants that aren’t see through, but they’re thin enough that you can absolutely see the color, pattern, and outline of my thong. The pants are black so had I put on a white thong you would have know about it for sure. But I didn’t.

Normal tight top and some hoop earrings and I was good to go. Again, Joyce didn’t mention anything and I don’t know if I even thought anything but I think unconsciously I was like okay there are these horny dudes who will lust after me why not make them drool more.

We’re hanging out and a couple hours later one of them walks through the door and when I go up to go to the sink, I can feel his eyes on my ass. He’s staring at my tits on the way back and if I didn’t know to look for it I wouldn’t have spotted it, but I was looking for it and I could tell he was super hard just looking at me.

Did I do wrong?

6 thoughts on “Natalie Does Wrong?!

  1. Nah, gives them something to think about😉

    1. Please tell me your friend does not read your blogs, otherwise how would you explain this to her, lol. BTW, I love you angels 💗

  2. No, you’re just having fun. Makes you smile knowing they like what they see.

  3. 😂 your a tease for sure. Boner alert 🍆

  4. No way. Gives him something to dream about.

  5. Shoot no, you aren’t doing anything wrong. They are young, obviously virile, men who would probably look even if you went over there in jeans and a T 🙂 I’m sure their Mom knows they’re looking and she hasn’t said anything about how you’re dressed, hardly could since she dresses sexy too, and she’s probably getting a kick out of it too. There’s nothing wrong with giving them a thrill as long as you don’t touch….lol.

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